small cd player around 1000.00 small footprint

small footprint great detail is there such a thing?
eastern electric minimax vacuum tube pkayer.excellent player
Eastern Electric, Minimax CD Player 12" X 12", uses 2- 6922 tubes, great player.
thanks for the response, i was just sitting here thinking of the linn, i have owned it before and what a great player for the money...also the eastern electric minimax has peaked my interest since it uses tubes and i love tubes....have a cayin tube amp what great three responses ..thanks dwhitt
i have seen this player also..i realize the imput that is coming from china, since my cayin is excellent ...
Musical Fidelity X-Ray v8 is 8.6 in wide 13.4 wide and 3.5 high. Goes for 1,500 but a used one on agon now for 1,100. Discontinued v3 is similar size goes around 600 used. They seem to be well regarded.
have also owned mf and love their responders are really helping me realize there is a lot out there and all are very good contenders.thanks
If it's any interest the eastern electric has a fantastic headphone jack as well.
Quad 99 CDP-2.. you can also use it without a preamp if necessary.
thanks again for the great responses. all these units have interest for me, would it be nice? ...o well...can't ...linn entered my mind early since i have owned the genki when it first came out by linn, eastern electric is new to me, but the tubes i love, quad is something that i have had a opportunity to listen to since my cayin dealer i bought my demo int. amp from is a quad dealer and the musical fidelity i have owned the 3.5 in the past...and the shannling is something that has sparked my intersted due to the excellent work of cayin, alot of interesting things coming from china, my buddy bought a ming da int tube amp,he loves it with upgraded tubes and the build quality on some of the chinese stuff is excellent. i have been around this stuff along time, marantz in the 50s, advents in the 60s, ads 70s, linn in the 80s , cary in the 90s even krell and now cayin. it will be interesting since i don't keep stuff now very long, say a year, then on somewhere at least one piece. last year it was vanderstein 2ce sig. then now totem speakers,so fun fun fun...they all have their merits and it is now down to shannling,quad,eastern electric since i have owned linn and musical fidelity and love to change manufactueres. thanks for all the input....anyone owning the three i mentioned, would like input if you have owned or listend. the quad is nice too since it has input for computer generated stuff, not there yet but maybe who knows, now i am all about sacd and cd, no longer lp due to overall a to b problems and i love analoque output..thanks dwhitt
down to the quad, has pc input..never thought i would say that, but i like pandora radio for the new music i get to audition....has the dac and input i need...but have not given up on eastern electric...because of tubes.....thanks any other suggestions i am ready love to talk this stuff
Although not as hi-end...Teac made a well regarded small sized cd 1(?) any color and 1-bit player which was highly regarded...good luck!