Small CD player

I need a CD or a CD/SACD player with a small footprint. I'm aware of the Bel Canto CD-2 and the reviews are impressive, but I'd be giving up SACD. What else is out there?
rcd cx1 denon
47 Labs Shigaraki 4716 (mind you, this is a transport only but the matching DAC is a real dwarf)

Isem eGo
Pathos Digit
i'm interested in this too, potentially. i have limited shelf space. There have been a few musical fidelity x-ray's that have passed through the posted ads. Audio Analogue also makes a small cd player. And Cyrus.

Anyone know of good small transports and DACs? I will need to fit transport and DAC on one shelf, prefer not to stack.
The 47Labs Shigaraki 4715 is indeed very small (3 x 3.15 x 3.15 inches), but you may have to find place for its separate power unit behind the stand or shelf, then

The same goes for the transport btw.

To get a better idea of sizes, look up Srajan's review on 6moons, there is a picture with the 4 boxes sitting on one shelf
The Teac PD-H300mkIII CD player is 8.5" wide x 12" deep x 3.75" high.
anyone have any experiences with the Cal Labs transports? thoughts?
If you must have SACD, a compact unit will be hard to find.
Shanling has a small one.
the only thing i know small is oppo and the small denon sacd.
Pure CDP? Linn Genki or Ikemi. They have been discontinued, but are available on the used market.
Eastern Electric CDP is one of the smaller players I've seen.
the question is cd redbook and sacd
For completeness' sake and in full unawareness of your budget, there is of course also the full-out-assault Nagra CDP (12x10x3).
Still, no SACD, but from the original question I took that this is an annoyance but not necessarily a show-stopper?
Thanks all. I'm out of rack space so size matters. Oppo is not a small footprint, it's just thinner and ridiculously lightweight. I'm currently using an Oppo DV980H, so that covers SACD. For CD, I use the Oppo with a Cambridge DacMagic. The DacMagic improves on the Oppo' cd sound noticably but I want a high quality dedicated CD player. I'm looking for solid state in the 1,500 to 2,000 price range, new or used.
bel canto pl1 or 2 has sacd on gon
The Resolution Audio Opus 21 has a small footprint, though it has two chassis that you would have to stack. I've seen it for $2k used. Plenty of reviews.