Small - but GOOD - active speakers for MC

I finally got an arrangement together that allows my to use my 2 channel rig as part of a MC setup for music and movies. I have Shahinian Diapasons, which are full range speakers. Ideally I would get a pair of Arcs or Slants for the rear, but things would work a lot better for me if I could find smaller active speakers for the rear. I was reading about the NHT M-00s, but wasn't sure how they'd stack up, or if there are any others in that approximate size and price range to consider.
Look at the ATC active monitors - I think the SCM-20's. Not sure if they are in the same price range as I don't know the NHT's.

Dynaudio BM5A.
What about Genelec? Their entry models are small.
Hmm, any idea where one could get ATC actives here in the U.S.? I'm in the greater Philadelphia area.
You'll be hard pressed to beat the pricing on the NHT M00s, though they aren't typically considered a surround speaker. A more costly speaker, but less than ATCs typically, are from M&K.

You might scan their direct sales web site.
Sorry - what is MC?
Hmm, any idea where one could get ATC actives here in the U.S.? I'm in the greater Philadelphia area.

They do show up occasionally on the used market here. A quick web search located this CT ATC Dealer. They are definitely on the more expensive side of active monitors. I heard a pair of 20's in a very nice system and was very impressed by what I heard. This seems to be reflected in the few real-world comments I've read here in the forums.

Thanks Marco. I'd heard ATC was pricey but I didn't realize how much so for the actives. I think M&K might be more in my target range. And even at that, used.
Tony, the M&K MPS-1611P could be used in the rears. They list for $1200 each, but are typically discounted through pro audio dealers.
Tony -

Although the ATC's maybe a little out of range, I think you'd be kicking yourself if you didn't at least take a listen to the Dynaudio line. Whats the harm in taking a quick listen? You'll be glad you did!
Don't what you expect or want from surround and center channels. I know I've been disappointed with the quality or astounded by the price. I've found that spending thousands for surrounds is unnecessary, the demand on them doesn't justify it, but spending only a few hundred gets you speakers tinny and inadequate. I was just naïve enough to have tried building my own active center and surrounds. After many weeks of research and much trial and error I've put together something that does the job for me. They cost about $250 each in materials and about 12 hours of time total for a center and a pair of surrounds. Very easy to build—very simple design. They do an admirable job on center channel dialog and deliver everything needed in the surround channels for movies or MC music. If you're interested, email me.