Small Bedroom Tube Amp

Hi all!  Does anyone have a good recommendation for a small reliable tube or warmer solid state amp for the bedroom?  Would be match it with smaller bookshelf speakers, haven't decided which ones yet.  I want to mellow out music when putting the little one to sleep.

I have my eye on the TubeCube 7, seems small and efficient but want to make sure there aren't any better alternatives.

In looking at your application, you hardly need anything "high end."  My suggestion is an inexpensive monoprice 25watt or 50watt hybrid tube integrated.  Plenty there from either to drive a pair of bookshelf speakers and provide music to a help relax a young child.  And they both sound surprisingly good.  

And if they don't work out, you haven't invested much to find out.
I just bought something very similar to what you maybe looking for.

A Peachtree Nova with built in DAC.
Uses a 6922 tube in the preamp section.

Nothing too fancy but boy does it have some solid bass and very well defined mid and higher registers.

Bought used off eBay for $450 and I am very happy with it.

USB SPDIF, Toslink and analog inputs plus great headphone amp.
I paired it with small Tannoy speakers and it is more than enough!
I have an APPJ in black with low hours and original shipping box that I’m not using. Let me know if you are interested. 
Dayens Ampino. It will give you anything an inexpensive tube amp will without the hassle of tubes. It's also tiny in size and fits your application perfectly. It's the closest to tube sound I've found yet in inexpensive solid state.