Small 4 Speaker System for Ceiling Corners?

This is for a 9.5" x 12" dedicated computer room and will be used for a wide variety of music with a Rock/Pop/Jazz/Blues mainstay. Not interested in heavy bass/loudness...would like a "Magnepan-ish" sound as much as possible but I don't have the room to spare for their wall mounted offering's 30"+ height. I'll be driving the system with some sort of 4 or 5 channel amplification....I like the time delay effect/modes. Want to stay under $1000 if possible. Any suggestions?

The 1979-ish Infinity Infinitesimals immediately came to my mind but all I ever seem to see on the 2nd hand market are the lesser rated Infinitesimals. of a later vintage
Magnepan-ish?I don't think so.
"Magnepan-ish?I don't think so."


Well, dag-nabbit, me on the final for dotting the last i in the final paragraph with a blue pen, wont'cha. Permit me to retract my taking of the name of Magnepan in vain and reword as follows: I'd like four little speakers to mount in the corners next to the ceiling that lean more toward a clean and detailed sound than a typical "rock and roll" speaker sound and that come as close to creating a "walls electrically charged with music" as opposed to a "four speaker boxes" environment as is possible on a $1000 budget used. Emphasis on "close as possible"...
in four corners?? me thinkin that won't sound good...
How about 4 Proac Tablettes on stands front and back? or Spica TC-50's... or little spendors, Rogers, Kef 102's ??