Small 2 or 3 Way Floor Stander for under $3500.

I currently listen to Usher Dancer Mini Ones. I'm looking for a speaker with about the same footprint with a clearer, more resolving midrange. I do like the Usher treble though. I will drive them with an HK 990 amp in a small listening room where I am about 8 feet from the loudspeakers. I need to keep it under $3500. Any suggestions?
perhaps the clarity and resolution you feel is lacking is a function of your digital (or analog) front end or your pre-amp. The Ushers are very resolving if they have a resolved signal fed into them. What are your electronics? Is it possible that you are looking for the "fix" in the wrong place? I say this because by my experience, speakers are rarely the weakest link in a system. Perhaps you can slay this dragon by changing your electronics --- both for less and with a more satisfying outcome.