Small 2 or 3 Way Floor Stander for under $3500.

I currently listen to Usher Dancer Mini Ones. I'm looking for a speaker with about the same footprint with a clearer, more resolving midrange. I do like the Usher treble though. I will drive them with an HK 990 amp in a small listening room where I am about 8 feet from the loudspeakers. I need to keep it under $3500. Any suggestions?

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I've not heard your speakers, but I've always found Usher speakers to be pretty clear and transparent in the mids and highs. What cables and interconnects are you using?

That said, a couple speakers in this price range I think highly of are Joseph Audio RM25XL and Reference 3A Veenas that may be worth looking into if different cables don't help. Best of luck.