smal subwoofer 3


I am looking for a small (~3 inches diameter) subwoofer that can provide frequencies into the 50-60Hz range, possibly lower. It doesn't need to be extremely loud. This is for a research application, so I can pay for a scientific grade or THX rated system.

Any suggestions?

Thanks very much!
Is 3" correct? Does not seem to me that you can move enough air w a 3" driver to affect low frequencies. Perhaps if you have a dozen in the same box?
I never heard of a subwoofer with a woofer smaller than 8 inches.
Maybe for desk top systems that come with a subwoofer.
Well, it's only 3" in one dimension, but how about the Paradigm Millenia Subwoofer?
You could give Madisound a call and see what they say or you could call any of several woofer manufacturers with your idea and see what they can do for you.
MAYBE, for research, these guys will sell you a driver?

Made here in SoCal, they make 1 driver from which they make several speakers, including a giant linesource w/passive radiator.