Slow shipping due to pandemic

I just thought I will have to share my experience, I ordered records and CDs from Elusive disc, I choose priority usps 2 to 3 days , package showed accepted on December 1, since then no movement. The last time I choose free shipping it took a month  before I received my records.How long do I have wait to call post office or follow up again at Elusive disc. 
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By the way my audiophile friend told me to use fedex or ups at this time.
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just got a refund for my last CD sent 2,000 miles in wrong direction, then lost... i also have had much better luck with UPS

Grant , you know Indiana is next door to Illinois , where I live. No joke.No use of paying priority at this time.
Well 10 more days I don’t received this item, I will ask for refund close to $200.
I use Elusive disc for 90% of my new vinyl purchases and go with their free shipping if I qualify and the cheapest USPS and it never has taken more than a week from order to receiving. Enjoy the music
I ordered outer ring from Wayne audio I specifically ask to mail it fedex , it’s arriving today😀
I love elusive disc but for no reason Acoustic sound is from Kansas but I do receive my orders quicker than elusive, even on free shipping.
Too blue that’s very interesting.
Holiday shipping during a pandemic is likely to be fraught with mistakes. Sheet happens.
Kemp Elektronics stopped using the USPS after such shenanigans this year.
OP, I order at least every two weeks, the only thing that has changed is that my orders are smaller, 1-3 albums instead of 3-8 but yea the delivery time is about a week and it has remained consistent. By the way I am in Humble Texas a suburb of Houston
This is what I found out after talking to my local postal office, they said the word accepted on dec 1, 2020 was a number generated, but there was no actual box that was scan, So meaning it was not on their possessions, I agree I ordered those on 11/27 and 11/28, maybe there was a mistake at elusive , the box was never brought to the post office. Because there are so many orders.I decided to ask for refund at the end. To be fair , I promise if indeed the box will show up on my doorstep. I will call them and pay them back for the item, I would be surprise if a box will show up, I love those CDs and record selections I tried  to purchase, hopefully there is a box , and pay them back.i will update if the box showed up.
I have no  bad feeling towards Elusive disc , mistakes happen, they are good store to buy record and accessories.and good people to talk to.They have a lot of good music records, CDs collection on sale at times. 
Fuzztone I won’t be surprise if indeed because they are busy , they made a mistake, box was never into usps posession , from December 1, there was no movement at all, why I began to wonder what happen?
USPS priority mail shipping has been hit or miss with delivering within its scheduled arrival time throughout the pandemic. I have shipped or received some items on time, and on other occasions delays of anywhere from 5 to 14 additional days. Hell, a fellow A’gon member built and shipped me a set of interconnects within the last few weeks, he lives about 2 1/2 hours away , shipped it priority mail and it took more than 2 weeks to get to me after he and I separately filed tracking requests. Ordered a cd from cd baby via Amazon on Dec 1 , was "shipped" via USPS Dec 3. still shows only that PO picked it up and it is sitting at the pickup PO location. Net net, you're not alone in this

Facten the problem it looks like it’s not usps fault, since the item  was not even brought to the post office, no box was scan, why no movement.
I totally understand the delays, but no movement on the item, is very unusual, why I dig deeper.
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Does anyone know if shipping rates routinely increase during the holiday season or, for that matter,  during pandemic flares?
We just moved into a new house, buying all sorts of stuff for it, some from Amazon, other stuff from others and the shipping delays, when they exist, are minimal, maybe a day or two but not more.
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"the desired outcome of the deep state coup to destroy the economy."

Get a grip.

Never had that problem from Acustic Sounds.
Here’s some personal experience that’ll frost your chestnuts: Since Thanksgiving, I’ve ordered online from two vendors in Germany. The first order was for a pair of felt slippers from Haflinger, the second a Swiss recorder (instrument) from Domann in Germany. So here’s the kicker--BOTH arrived at my door by the SECOND day at NO CHARGE! The first came DHL, the second by UPS. So, I think I see a probable next plateau in the drama of dying retail. It took the guys in China more than a month to (literally) ship stuff to me. We must do what we can to prevent Chinese/German plots to scare people into buying online! Ignorance, not facts, yields the fear that yields hate.
... it is exactly the desired outcome of the deep state coup to destroy the economy ... This is as usual based on actual personal experience and knowledge, not regurgitated fake news ... Do a search. Prove me wrong ... All this because coup plotters have illegally shut down businesses and people have been made to be so afraid of going out (if they even can, if their democrat governor hasn’t shut everything down) ... Haters will now attack this without ever once bothering to check a single fact
MC, did you intend for this to be amusing? If so, you might consider using a smiley next time to prevent any confusion. And if not ...
I sent a preamp USPS priority mail
from Chicago to Maine on November 19th and IT STILL HAS NOT ARRIVED!!! It was supposed to be there in 3 business days and 
It is now over 3 weeks from the day I brought the package to the post office. USPS tracking just says it is delayed but in transit. Filed a missing package report.   Beware!
@MC  Forget health care, you have a tremendously promising career in comedy writing.
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North Dakota is awash in the effects of the “ coup “.... 
One time at band camp before the internet I worked at UPS.... 

Does posting on Audiogon all day count as “ working “ in healthcare ?

Demonizing everyone and everything is an increasingly popular trend these days wouldn't you say?   Keep 'em scared....keep 'em in -line.  Then blame everybody else.
I worked for UPS for several years and helped design their package delivery and tracking system. Every employee who physically could was drafted and dressed up to help deliver packages in December. Did not matter your usual job. Often out of town even if needed.

YEp every holiday season is a huge peak and challenge. Even more so this year for obvious reasons.

So calm down.  Nothing so special here.  Hopefully back to normal soon.
I ordered a small order from Parts Express. Because they are located so close to my location, it usually takes only a day to  receive items.
Well supposedly it was shipped USPS on Dec 1, and still no tracking movement. I should add that Parts Express is also screwed up, items they show in stock are not. So USPS may not be the only problem. 

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" All this because coup plotters "   Must be the same plotters that have  alleged the election was stolen , you know the ones with no facts or evidence and keep getting kicked out of court.

Not sure how UPS got dragged into this "conspiracy " as the problem is with USPS , now lead by one of the Trump's buddies
I ordered something from eBay and received it in two days.  Ordered something form the Insole Store and also had it in two days.

Good Luck
One thing you guys need to realize that's driving a lot of these delays there is a nationwide shortage of truck drivers and warehouse people. This is causing delays in everything since virtually everything is being shipped these days. I work in the wholesale wine biz and delays from our suppliers are the norm.  We also run a skeleton crew receiving in our warehouse because we can't match what Amazon pays warehouse workers. It's tough all over trust me.
The wait time to file a claim with USPS is 30 days from shipped date. I'm playing the waiting game right now. The item I purchased showed "delivered", but I didn't get it. The Supervisor at my local PO used their geo tracking system to determine that the carrier had delivered it to a wrong address. The carrier was sent to try and retrieve the package but apparently could not. The Super said that it was definitely their fault and that I would be reimbursed for the purchase price after I filed a claim. 
Just so, jond, just so ! If I was running things(unlikely) Truckers   would be
next after Nurse's in the vaccine line .Right now logistics are job # 1 in US and Canada .
Right wing conspiracy theorists would be funny if not for the violence they advocate and perpetuate.
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A simple response to the OP......
Slow and mixed up shipping are due to a few things. Yes, the pandemic is a cause. But, due the fact that so many more buyers are shopping online than have been in the past, the volume is probably taxing an already stressed business. Also, shipping carriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc) have probably experienced a decrease in number of employees.

Shipping errors have always happened but not at the frequency some see now. Yes......The pandemic is probably a major cause.

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Jrpride , I totally agree. My concern is there is no actual package showing on the usps side that was scan.
There is no reason for this thread to turn into a political statement. Any of those statements are appropriate in other media. Not a place here to do that. Please stay focused on the question on hand.

The amount of package volume has completely overwhelmed the systems ability to handle it all.  It ain't rocket science....
Sejodren many postal worker got sick too, on this cv19.