Slow Rega P25

Recently, my previously trusty P25 has had trouble getting up to proper speed (even with some gentle start up help). In fact, if I don't assist with start up rotation and instead just flip the switch, the platter won't move at all. The belt isn't slipping and the bearing seems fine. So I'm guessing it's the motor. Anything else I should check before plunking down 150$ (or whateve a new motor costs these days)? And wouln't you know it, some friends are stopping by this weekend for a BBQ and a couple have mentioned wanting to hear my "fancy" turntable. Figures.
I would say that even though your belt is not slipping,those are the symptoms of a worn stretched belt.Not starting immediately is one of the first signs.

A drop of oil helped mine.
A drop WHERE?
Check that the pulley isn't slipping on the motor shaft ... it's very common in Rega's and a small drop of superglue fixes it.
New Belt. Really. That's all you need. Been there and done that with a slow P25. I wouldn't believe it was the belt and I tried a dozen other suggested fixes.

Finally I ordered a new belt and that was all it took.

Paul Green
PS. To check the pulley just try grabbing the pulley with your hand with the motor running and see if it slips on the motor shaft. If it's that a drop of super glue on top of the pulley where you see the moto shaft is supposed to stop the slipping. Notice: people that have tried this have also gotten superglue inside the motor and ruined the motor.
A drop of superglue on the motor spindle, to keep the plastic pulley wheel firmly attached to the spindle.
The pulley is metal on the P25, not plastic.
Audiogon has once again made my day. You were spot on about the pulley being loose on the shaft. A drop of superglue is drying as I speak, and I ordered a new belt just to be on the safe side. Thanks again for all your help.
Great ... glad it worked ... and a lot less than $150 ! Now you have $150 to spend on LPs !