slow, funky, groovin' laid back music

Looking for something instrumental to put on late night, quiet with deep bass and soul. Not easy or "smooth" jazz, but more hip hop influenced. I like theivery corporation, but would like to hear more afro/jazz influence. Does that make any sense? Something like People Under the Stairs or Digable Planets or Erykah Badu or Jill Scott, but without the words. Recommendations welcome. Thanks
I would try Nightmares on Wax for a start, maybe their album Carboot Soul. They, if I'm not mistaken, produced the original instrumental for Pharcyde's "Passin Me By" and their instrumental for that is great--mellow, full of bass and no lyrics. Maybe more of a dub influence than jazz, but should fit the bill. Great sonics!

This may not be exactly what you're looking for, but maybe try some of the down-tempo stuff from Ratatat. Maybe denser sound than you're looking for, but they're definitely trying to innovate. Did some decent Talib Kweli remixes, and their track "Seventeen Years" is a banger.
Memberman, I know the suggestions were not aimed at me, but thanks.

I went to AMG, listened to a few cuts from Nightmares on Wax and Ratatat and am ordering the LP's.
Anything on Daptone Records.
Definitely Nightmares on Wax as suggested. Try also Kid Loco. For some afro/cuban jazz try Herbie Mann from the 70s.

Best idea is to get a free account and plug in those names. You'll be able to hear snippets and sometimes whole songs and they have an amazing 'similar artist' search engine. You'll go for hours finding one after another of exactly the type of musicians you're interested in.
Al Green
If you like NMOW and Thievery, a few other recommendations that might fit the bill:
1. DJ Krush--Jaku
2. Zero 7--Simple Things
3. Jose Gonzalez--Veneer
4. Adrian Sherwood--anything
5. Up, Bustle and Out--anything
6. Massive Attack & Mad Professor--No Protection
Medeski Martin Wood - Shack-man
no kidding..the soundtrack to 'superfly'
The first US-3 album is really good. Great beats, pretty laid back, and lots of excellent Blue Note samples.

No problem, I've got plenty other things I can email offline.

I agree with Eslaudio's recs, and would include DJ Krush with Toshinori Kondo (sp?) who is a great Japanese Trumpet player. I'd also throw in DJ Vadim off of Ninja Tune label and since Zero 7 came up (great stuff) and Jose Gonzalez, I would recommend the Zero 7 remix of Jose Gonzalez, especially of "Crosses". The Erland Oye album some like, although I'm not sure how much i do at the moment, but I'm moody. I would also recommend the Kruder & Dorfmeister album K & D Sessions. Something that has lyrics, but is fantastic for this kind of mood is the Dan the Automator album with Mike Patton (faith no more) and Jennifer Charles (Elysian Fields) called "Lovage: Music to make love to your old lady by" (Nathaniel Merriweather presents). It's funny, sexy, and sonically very nice. My wife loves Thievery Corporation (not me!). There's a dutch/french group called Stereo Total that's also fun. I'm getting kind of off topic here since there are lyrics in most of these groups, but who cares. I would also add, and this is killer, "Blue Break Beats" by grant green, and Red Clay by Freddie Hubbard.
I've looked up all these suggestions and will begin shopping for some titles.

I'm especially impressed with:
Freddie Hubbard "Red Clay"
Ratatat "LP3"
Zero 7, "When It Falls"
Zero 7, "Simple Things"
The K&D Sessions.

This makes me want to ask, do any of you like:
Goldfrapp, "Felt Mountain"
Porcupine Tree, "Fear of a Blank Planet"

How about the stripped down electronic portraits by Jan Jelinek? My favorite Jelinek is: "Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records" on Scape.
Try "Cinematic Orchestra". Cool!
Try - Soulive "Doin Something" - you will surprised - awesome grooves
Medeski Martin Wood - Combustication ( laid back to me - but I guess I am not a laid back listener!!!)
Philadelphia EXperiment debut with Christian over dude...its killa...
Rose...also check out my thread..."LIve infectious funk jams"...some great suggestions by fellow 'goners...
This is absolutely perfect:

"Dreams of Freedom: Ambient Translations of Bob Marley in Dub", by Bill Laswell.

Deep bass, mellow. Bonus: should be easy to find used and cheap!
You must hear "Portishead: Live AT Roseland, NYC". I think it's perfect for what your asking for.
Musicovery... not exactly what was ask for, but this is a fun site for stumblng up on new to you tunes.
Hey thanks to you all! I haven't had a chance to respond until now--looks like I posted the right question to the right bunch of people! I already blew my music money for this month, but have made a list of records I'll be buying come payday: Nightmares on Wax and Ratatat will be on the list, as will some daptone selections. Also Kid Loco. And thanks Albert for the AMG website--I spent an enjoyable educational hour there the other night. Down tempo is what I'm looking for, but not so much ambient/electronica. Anyway, thanks again--I'll let you know what I end up getting.
Again, you should here "Portishead, Live At Roseland, NYC". Please let me know if you do.
OK, I got Cinematic Orchestra "Live at Royal Abert Hall" and "Every Day". This isn't quite what I had in mind, but it's beautiful, and lovely late night listening. I got a remixed CD of theirs as well, which is very good. Nightmares on Wax "Smoker's Delight" is just the ticket! I'll get "Carboot Soul" in a few days. Thanks for the reference to; what a brilliant way to hear new music! I got a CD compilation called "Red Martini" which has some good tracks, but all in all is mediocre. I still need to listen to Portishead--promise I will, Devilboy! Also been enjoying some DJ Krush. Thanks all for the recommendations.
Bugge Wesseltoft: Moving...I dont understand why these guys are not more well known....if u like cinematic orchestra wait until us hear this!
Get "The in sound from way out" from the beasty boys.Yes thats right the beasty boys.There all instrumental tracks that are really laid back.Check it out
Also try Corey Wilkes' Drop It. Jazz trumpeter with a slow funky groove.
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