Slow adaptation of KT150 by amp mmanufacturers

I am surprised that more audio companies have not jumped on the KT150 by now. I know there are several manufacturers such as AR, Jolida, Primaluna, Icon and Allnic that have amps that are able to use this tube but I thought more would have by now.

The vast majority of reviews from people who have heard the 150 have been very positive. Any info on other companies who may have something in the works?
Octave has been working on a new integrated that will use the KT150's (and possibly a new amp). The KT150's can be used in the V70SE and the V110 but all you would get is the sonic sound of the 150 not any additional power per Andreas Hoffman.

I also heard though the grapevine Tung Sol is working on a KT180 but haven't seen anything in writing.
Carver and Rogers also use KT-150...
I see the Octave V80 SE is out with KT150's. Anyone have a chance to hear it yet?
Xti16 ... interesting news bit re the possible introduction of a KT-180 tube. At this point, given the drawn out process I endured with ARC transitioning its current Ref line of amps to use the KT-150, including ARC upgrading a number of its Ref amps, ... I couldn't go through it again. Not even if the KT-180 could levitate the amp off its stand.
Quicksilver has a new amp that uses the 150's, the Mono 120's. It's not on their website yet. Two per side at 100 watts. I've had them for about a month now. They sound gorgeous top to bottom.
One guy who keeps up with developments in the wonderful world of tubes is Roger Modjeski of RAM Laps. Before I bought any KT150 amp I'd talk to him about the tube---he is obsessive about tubes and amps being, before anything else, dependable.
It looks like Tung-Sol is the only company that makes that tube. Plus it is alot more costly to retube. This could be the reason why! ????
Bifwynne You know, that was my first thought on reading this thread, before reading your post. Having installed the KT150's in my ARC Ref 75, I will pass this one by. I am still waiting for the local distributor to work out the cost of the SE upgrade without the tubes, which I have already of course.

My nerves wouldn't survive another long wait from ARC, whilst they work out the best way to maximise their income from this new commercial opportunity. Perhaps I'll let this bus go by and catch the new, newest KT210 tubes and no, I don't have any insider information that someone is working on them right now.
I see the Octave V80 SE is out with KT150's
I didn't know it was already out. Looks like the list price is 9250 Euro.
Jgottget - How would you compare these against the Silver 88s which also could use the KT150 tube? I know the Silver 88 is no longer being produced, however I'm sure there are still some dealer demos out there to be had...
David, I did the SE upgrade bit with my Ref 150. I think it made a noticeable improvement. I don't think the SE upgrade for the Ref 75 is terribly expensive. Oregonpapa is in 7th heaven with his Ref 75 SE. Check his posts on the Forum.
Dennis Had has made some 12 watt single ended amps with the KT150.
I didn't get a chance the hear the 88's, my dealer only had the Mid Mono's on hand, which sounded really nice. The Mono 120's have bigger transformers and more power but a higher output impedance than the 88's. I had a similar time trying to find a KT-150 amp. Quicksilver has a good reputation and getting a new amp made for the KT-150's for $3,995 seemed like a pretty good bet.
Fear of KT150 update (formerly Fear of KT120 update): Stick KT150s in anything that can handle KT120s…or kt88s or 6550s it seems…my ongoing careful and utterly accurate thoroughly informal ridiculous survey has noted the reporting of exactly ZERO transformer failures or any other issues with the additional heater filament or any other alleged stress purportedly engendered by doing this. Be paranoid, be clinical, wait for the sadly overpriced updates offered by pretentious Mid-Western wire box vendors…but if you can't see 150s everywhere these days you're in an alternative universe. "But the amps made specifically for 150s are MORE BETTER"…of course they are…kaCHING...
Wolf you are right. I was curious about what else was out there/coming soon so I figured there would be a lot of amps listed that use the new tube.
jgottget, I didn't see this amp on the website just a note that the Silver 88s were discontinued (couldn't procure all the parts necessary is what I understand)

I've had the Silver 88s for well over a month alternating back and forth with my recently restored vintage amps which I've been thoroughly enjoying as well. Well I heard a big change several nights ago, break-in I suppose, as the amps were not brand new but were not used much by the Dealer. You'll really hear this when it happens, I'm not sure if its totally complete yet. Amazing amps for the money and more. The way they have with the natural harmonic resolution buried in recordings is as good as anything I'm aware of and that stunning midrange everyone talks about with QS products is VERY special. I'm guessing the new amps are of similar goodness as well.