Sloppy but Famous Contest

Did anyone notice that Leo Kottke is awfully sloppy musician?
How about Steve Howe?
Both of them often miss the notes or even hitting the wrong ones.
Who else do you know?

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I saw Leo in the 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's. Never a problem, though he's lost a step, perhaps.

That said, a friend/student whose opinion I respect told me he saw a Leo show that was lacking in execution. So maybe he's an old guy who has good days and bad days, I don't know.
On guitar there's a difference between primarily plectrum style linear/chordal alternation such as McLaughlin would play versus the fingerstyle counterpoint of Kottke or John Williams. As difficult as what McLaughlin does is to do (at his level) the contrapuntal style is difficult to do at any level--and extremely difficult at the level of John Williams, Manuel Barrueco, etc.
Not to take away a thing from Mclaughlin, Tony Rice, et. al.
I can't come close to doing what any of those guys at the top do!!!

Tommy is a freak of nature. Have heard him up close in and out of gigs and I'm not quite sure if he is human. He may be from planet Hendrix--actually, both Tommy and Paco de Lucia may be extraterrestrial or interdimensional. Normal people just don't (can't) play like that.