Sloppy but Famous Contest

Did anyone notice that Leo Kottke is awfully sloppy musician?
How about Steve Howe?
Both of them often miss the notes or even hitting the wrong ones.
Who else do you know?

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Drubin, I guess both I've mentioned players don't allocate too much time to brush or advance their music. Yayk!
Clapton isn't perfect, but very consistent organized and professional.
improvisation should not trip off either. many musicians can mask their trips(not in classical music though), but making more than one or two per piece is simply impossible to mask! on most of latest live performances Steve Howe tripped to often.
i felt differently and every note or chord played by Leo Kottke seemed sloppy. it might be the certain style or that i do not know or understand...
Onhwy61, well, most of our beloved musicians are in their 60's or even 70's and most don't trip several times per song...
Haven't heard neither Fripp, Belew, Scofield, Mclaughlin, Holdsworth play sloppy lately for some reason.
I guess some famous musicians may count on their previous glory and play sloppy in their 60's and some not.
Not only want to speak about guitarists. Norah Jones is way better off having someone play piano instead and perhaps singin' too LOL!