Sliver Circle Audio

Does anybody have experience with Silver Circle Audio PCs, Interconnects and speaker cables?
I made contact with Dave (Silver Circle Audio owner). He is a great guy and really knows what he is doing with his cables. I got a pair of his TimeWise XLR, a pair of the bi-wire speaker cable and 2 power cords. The craftmanship and performance of the cables are first class and at his prices a total bargain. I replaced a pair of Transparent Super XLR, A pair of Transparent Plus bi-wire, a Virtual Dynamics power 2 and a MIT Z-cord II.

These are the most reveling cables I have ever listen to. The bass got lower and tighter. The midrange and hgigh frequencies got vey well defined, the sound stage got huge, the presentation of the instruments got very holographic and the back ground got totally black.

If any of you are looking for cables that are natural and reveling go for these ones, you will be amazed.

CAUTION: These cables will show you your weak link in your system if you have one. They don't cover anything.

Here is Dave's website: