Slindie Rabco arm

Yesterday I purchased a very heavily modified Oracle Delphi table and Rabco linear tracking arm. Mods are very well thought out and executed.Does anyone know anything about a Mr. Slindie or Slindy who lives in Wisconsin ( or did) and modded Rabco SL-8E's arms?
sonicaly am very happy with the result - just would like to know more about the guy who designed and built it and most importantly can he service them in the future?
There was a David "Shreve" that did some excellent mods on the Rabco tonearms. Many reviewers used his arm. The Shreve/Rabco tonearm was the one to own for awhile.
If I remember well there was an watchmaker in the USA
who used ruby bearings for hes mods.
In the Netherlands this tonearm was very popular (I still
own one) but the most mods intended the weight-reduction;
balsa-wood,different tubes (qua weight), etc.
There are still persons from here who swear by this tonearm.

David Shreve was a friend of mine and I was lucky enough to use one of his arms - one of the few older audio products I'm really sorry I no longer have.Anybody know if he's still around (e-mail address? -if so please e-mail it to me - don't post).
Slindie mod consists of wood low mass arm "tube"actually a three sided trough ,convert drive to belt drive from nylon chain drive,convert from wire sensing switch for lateral motion and to trip cue in run out groove to opto couplers ,smoked plex arm tray instead of metal.smoked plex motor/RCA jack box,All Nylon bolts to hold everything together - points for using one size of commonly available hardware for all the mechanical assembly.
Oracle Delphi mod is pretty extensive as well: New plexiglas bottom plate/bearing/motor support , new top arm plate optimized for SLT arm -no arm mounting platform as such- four pillars instead of 3 , no dust cover .Excellent isolation from footsteps ,etc.
Running a new Denon DL-301-II into a B&K Phono 10 and out the digi on that into a Benchmark DAC.
Very nice result - great way to listen to those thousands of LP's that have been in storage for the last 10 years.
David Shreve in southern California has worked on and modified Rabco arms for several decades. One of the really great guys in the business.
Email me for his contact info.

Brian Walsh
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