I would love to add an amp for my Denon 3805 BUT i have verry limited rack space left
Would love the Bryston 875 HT 250WX3 & 75WX2 for 5.1 BUT aint got bryston $$$ The Sunfire 8 flat amp comming soon looks cool with 100Wx8 only 1" tall
My major complaint is my paradigm 40's do not have enoug power when listning @ low volume You have to crank it up to wake up the speakers
Does anyone know of any 3 CH amp slimline I do not need a 5ch amp BUT it is the only slim I found??
Any thoughts ?

Thanks ~
You might want to try one of the new class D amplifiers such as the ones made by NuForce, Flying Mole, Edge, Rowland, EAR and the other amp companies, that can be placed right next to the speakers, instead of rack mounting.
anyone using any of thees amps & can rcomend one
Any Mo# I should look into ?
The thing most suprising is the good SOUND - and the power that these class D amps deliver.

It's natural to resist change. I wonder how many detractors are 50+ men now set in their audio ways? Some sniping about these amps might be attributed to that?

The H20 is a big beast - about 50 pounds - though nicely built, but more like the amps you might be used to. The H20 has a huge transformer in it.

OTOH, the Nuforces are thin and tiny. The 9b is about 7 pounds per mono channel and only a few inches tall. You can put two side by side on a rack shelf. The CI is more cube sized. The CI D-200 is about 15 pounds each. Almost all of it is power supply - the amp module is about 2x2 INCHES! (How can that be any good? Look at the power you get from a split atom. Not a great analogy, but you get the idea. Size isn't necessarily a limitation.)

I believe this is the cutting edge of amplifier and no doubt soon every amp manufacturer will have their version and interpretation of this efficient amplifier.

Bob Wood