Slimdevices' Squeezebox and Transporter-Tech Stuff

Some months ago I ordered a Slimdevices Transporter at an Open House at their headquarters in Silicon Valley.

They were backordered on the Transporter so they gave me a free Squeezebox to keep. Ten days later the Transporter arrived.

This is an attempt to entice conversation/comparing of experiences.

For instance, it used to take me something like seven steps to get my favorite local radio station. Now, I can do this in a flash.

Also, there are tweaks in the web access that can enhance ones' experience. I would love to compare settings: refresh, fade, etc.

Just a couple of discoveries. I Emailed my favorite radio station, asking for a URL that will allow me to get them into my iTunes on my G5. They responded, "Good Luck", try this. It did not work. But I went to my slimdevices software and I inputed the link and now I get my station in a 'flash'.

Also, using the browse feature, I get late-night opposite coast stations in 'prime time' with almost no commercials.

It was fun to find a local French radio station for an exchange--homesick--student. The browse feature is fun.

Of course, there is the whole thing about playing my computer library's 2,000-song CD collection, random mix. I deleted the songs I don't like.

With my Transporter I use the terrific DAC to one room and I set the AES/EBU output to my Audio Aero Capitole to another room. The Squeezebox is a great slave to my work shop.