Slim Devices Duet

Anyone out there using this device as a part of your system? If so what Dac are you using with it? How easy is the remote to READ and use? Also any problems with the wireless feature of this device?
No problems with the wireless connection in my system.

I am using my Duet with a linear Acopian Power Supply and spdif to my Theta Gen VIII.

The remote is wonderful and I enjoy this set up more than the Transporter or SB3 into Dac.
The Duet controller works like an iPod, very easy to use. I purchased a new wireless router (Apple Airport Extreme) when i got the Duet and I have never had a problem. I am using the Duet with a Bel Canto DAC2. Overall works great. I am very happy with it.
Only had mine for about 3 weeks and haven't really given it the time for comparision.
The remote is a dream for me. Fairly easy to get to albums or artist and the display is very readable. Wireless has not been a problem though I do have some concerns about waking up the computer. There are some suggestions on this that I have not attempted so not sure if this is a problem are not.
Using a Modded Lite Dac Ah and though I haven't taken the time to do a comparison to my cd player I am fairly happy with the sound.
My only real complaint is documentation for the device. If not for my son (computer geek) I am not sure if I could have gotten it set up and functional. There is however good support here and at other forums with very knowledgable people to assist if you have problems.
We bought a few of these for investigative purposes. Had a hard time getting the remote to recognise some of them. Spent hours with the tech support, and eventually they all worked. No idea what the problem was. Only guess (on both of our parts) was too many other wireless networks around.
Ar_t - It is imperative that you upgrade the software on the computer and the firmware in the receiver and transmitter (remote). They have been doing lot of bug fixes at Logitech/Slim Devices. Last time I did this upgrade, it worked perfectly. They have a special Beta download site.
I got it to work without doing any of that. Factory reset, etc. had no effect. I did try the latest s/w (7.2?) on my computer, and it would not work.
I have had mine for about a it. I had it up and running in about 15 minutes. I have found a ton of free streaming stations on the internet.

I have been wondering about the quality of the DA converter and the opportunity to improve the sound. I just went down to the neighborhood hi-fi store and they setup a AB comparison between a Duet and a Duet running thru a Bel Canto DAC3. The difference was so slight that you could get more of a difference from positioning a speaker properly. I could not beleive it and the sales guy couldnt either.

It is a great piece of kit, I am going to get a ReadyNAS and put all of my cds on it, then into storage.
I am using one into an ARC Dac7. Great way to get into the music server world with your own computer. I also love Rhapsody and internet radio with the Duet. Rhapsody is a VERY cool access to all the recordings you can think of, and learn about a ton of music similar to your favorites.
I'm impressed by Rhapsody too - channels, music and everything is streamed at 192k and to my ears sounds really really good!
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I also got an Duet, now for a couple of weeks, its very easy to install and the sound quality depends of the files you are using. Use at mp3 at least at 192CBR or 192VBR and ideally only lossless flac files - I use Nordost Blue Heaven as interconnect and I dont have the feeling that an external DAC will bring major improvements
I am thinking of getting a Squeezebox for my source, cd's are being ripped to Apple Lossless. Would hooking this Squeezebox up to my used Theta Pro Progency DAC make a difference or is this technology surpassed by the stand alone Squeezebox?
I have been using the Duet since August 08 and really like it. I am running it straight into my Integra DHC-9.9 via the coax output. I think it sounds as good as the CDs running through my ASi modified Oppo DV-983H. I am in the process of converting my file from high bit rate MP3 to FLAC.

I did have some trouble with the wireless hooked up to my Netgear ReadyNAS Duo. I am now running the Duet wired directly into the NAS with no trouble at all.

I too was wondering if a DAC between the Duet and the Pre would offer any improvement.
I have the Duet and the Squeezebox classic and like the classic better. I have found the Duet controller to be buggy and somewhat unreliable.
I have been using the Duet for a few months now. I initially had it hooked up without a DAC and thought it sounded OK. I then tried it with the Cambridge DAC Magic which was a marked improvement. About a month ago I traded the DAC Magic in (long story) for a Cambridge 840C CD player, running the Duet through its digital in, and it sounds great. All of my digital music is AIFF and I have the Duet connected to the 840C with Audio Magic XStream Digital Cable. Though the sound is good and I love the convenience of the Duet and its many cool features, I must say that in my system, the Duet does fall a bit short of the depth and richness that I get from playing CDs through the 840. I still really like it, but if I want to do some serious listening, the CDP gets the nod every time.
I've been using a Bolder Cable fully modified Duet in my main audio system using a MHDT Havana NOS DAC and does it sound musical? YES! Coupling that with the convenience of a centralized storage on my computer hard drive, the retrival of my digital music library has never been better.
Have used dbPoweramp as my cd ripper and files are saved in flac format. IMHO, the Slim Devices Duet (and other distributed devices) are the best thing to hit audio in a long time.
Has anyone downloaded the I Tunes plus recordings and played them through your duet? I don't know if it is just my imagination but the CD versions played on my Krell KAV 300 cd sound better than these suposed high res downloads. Has anyone else thought this to be true?

My System:

Krell KCT
Krell FPB 300cx
Slimdebvices Duet played through a Benchamrk DAC1, balanced connection
Krell KAV 300CD
Your CDP should sound better, the iTunes plus recordings are not high res. They are only encoded at 256 kbps.