slight noise concern with lamm amplifier?


I am not sure if I am just a tad concerned about nothing but I notice that if I have my new lamm 2.2 amp on with all the other equipment on as well but no music playing that if I put my ear next to the speaker I hear a slight amount of snowy sound. I cannot hear it if I step away even a foot or two from the speaker. It certainly not a hum or buzz sound. I am not sure if this is normal (the volume is not on). The amp is connected to a 20a line. I do not remember whether I checked this on my last amp or not. If I have the preamp on but not the amp there is no such sound.

I know that the lamm 2.2 has a ground connection and now I am wondering whether regardless if these issues are connected I should use the ground connection somehow.

any thoughts?

Thanks as always

What you describe is normal for almost every amplifier, preamp and phono stage. That noise is caused by the normal operation of the electronics which the speakers pick up (the more sensitve the speakers, the farther away you'll hear it). As long as you can only hear it with your ear close to the speaker - and there are no pops, buzzing or crackling - then it's ok.
Gs5556 is correct.
I have that with my Lamm M2.1s, and my friends have it with their Lamms as well.
(I have had that with all my amplifiers actually.)

Okay, I am curious though:
What amp(s) were you running before that you did not have this noise?

PS How do you like the Lamms so far?
It`s normal "thermal noise". Dismiss the paranoia & play music.
Thanks everyone for the assurance on the "noise" being a non-issue. I had reached the same conclusion last night after telling my self that if I can't hear it from a foot away then its like the tree that falls in a forest and no one is there. So dismissed the "paranoia" so to speak and went and listen to the sacd vespetine album by Bjork and was enthralled by it.

As for the lamm 2.2 review, the jury is still out. The amp was a demo that was used by a reviewer and sent back to lamm to make sure up to the snuff before being sold to me so there is no real break in needed. The first cd I listened to was Radiohead Hail to the Thief and thought it was more organic and real and the vocals were much better than the rowland 302 (albeitthe rowland may have a bit more bottom and separation but all) overall the nod went to the rowland better. My wife thought it was less detailed than the 302 but she is neither an audiophile nor was she in the sweet spot listening to it. Later on I listened to a low-fi album from Elliot Smith Either Or and thought that it was on par with the rowland 302. The next day I listened to Miles Davis sacd Round Midnite and it blew away the rowland. The lamm was made for jazz. Later, I heard Radiohead Ok Computer (not as well produced as Hail to the Thief) and felt that was a draw with the rowland. The vocals again were better but when the band went crazy on some tracks there was a little less separation of the instruments than the rowland. Finally, last nite I listened to the Bjork sacd vespertine and was blown away....far better vocals and magical presentation which I have seen her live several times and this felt as thing yet on the long winded answer is the lamm is ahead but want to give it time before trading or selling the rowland. I am very happy with the emm labs cdsd/dcc2 combo and the valhalla interconnect so the only other piece of the puzzle I should consider is whether its finally time to upgrade the nordost red dawn version 1 speaker cables I have. Cash is low right now and I philsophically won't spend $4,000 on speaker cables so am not sure what I would get although the kubalas and purist have been recommended by lamm to me.


p.s. I think my last amp which I am likely to sell now the Rowland 302 amp had no noise but again I can't say for sure I stuck my ear to the grill to check that. I remember the krell definitely having some ground issues back in the day.