Slight Hum From Rega Elicit R

I just purchased a brand new Rega Elicit R Int. amplifier but the first thing that I noticed was a slight hum/buzz
from the amplifier. It's audible from 1-2 feet with no music playing. Is this normal for the Rega or I should
return it.
Thanks in advance.

I've never heard hum from my Rega Elicit R. I went down to the music room and put my ear as close to the amp as possible, without removing it from the rack, and I did not hear any hum.

That said, I've had several amplifiers over the years that had a bit of mechanical hum coming from the amp (not out of the speakers). It's annoying. If this is a brand new unit, I would certainly consider returning it or trying a replacement. Work with the dealer to see if there are options.
Thank you,
The loudest hum is when powering an Amplifier. After that is barely noticeable but it's present. I already contacted the seller and of course, he is not happy with the replacement option.
Power up takes the most power through the transformer so an initial buzz is not unusual. A slight hum may be caused by dirty power. Can you try it on a different circuit? Also check nothing is loose from transit.

The humming problem happened to my Hegel integrates before due to ‘dirty’ power. Bring your amp to a local dealer or frind’s house to see if the problems persists or not.