Slight Hum From Rega Elicit R

I just purchased a brand new Rega Elicit R Int. amplifier but the first thing that I noticed was a slight hum/buzz
from the amplifier. It's audible from 1-2 feet with no music playing. Is this normal for the Rega or I should
return it.
Thanks in advance.

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Thank you,
The loudest hum is when powering an Amplifier. After that is barely noticeable but it's present. I already contacted the seller and of course, he is not happy with the replacement option.
It sound great, even out from the box. Very good bass, highs. Probably after some hours improvement in the sound stage. The only problem is that buzz. Honestly, I could live with that but hey, $3000.00.
The very same issue with the Brio R model. The guy's from Rega should really focus on that problem. They managed to produce great sounding amplifier but they cannot solve the problem with the buzz. Makes no sense.
Can you imagine, you bought Oziris ($10.000) that sound better then Accuphase E-370 but....loud buzz.
Thank you for your comment and help.