SLI 80 Tube Rolling

Hi All,,,

Threads on the venerable Cary SLI 80 are a little aged so with apologies I’m starting a new one...I’ve owned an 80 for a few years now and am quite pleased with it... I’ve used KT 88 and EL 34‘s in it both with great success and for me the 34’s are best....My room for this system is midfield listening...I bias these at 50 per Steve Witek at Cary..In continuous use since 2013 is a 807 power tube SET amp that Dennis Had custom built for me 2013 that is just magic with the ZU’s they’re married and which occupy the large open living area of my home...I’ve acquired many sets of 807’s over the years...It’s been a lot of fun and it’s just a fantastic tube in a Class A SET.. This past fall I picked up a B&K 747 tester and had Jeremy at  out ofPhoenix completely overall and refrib it....Big props to test my collection of 807’s with this tester requires a 807 to 6L6 adapter and got me to thinking that my 80 would be a great candidate to roll in 4 807’s with 4 of these adapters...So my question is, is this viable? 807’s are essentially 6L6’s and 6L6’s are an acceptable tube for the SLI-80 ....