SLI-80 buffer tubes

I have a couple of differing n.o.s. 6922/6dj8 tubes.

1. amperex pq, white label, 6922 usa.
2. amperex 6dj8 orange globe, Holland

Can I safely swap these in for the stock tubes without repercussions?

No problem at all. Have fun.
Yes & the Ediswans from Kevin w/that amp were always my fav 6922's
Thanks for the response guys, and for the Ediswan tip.
I'd check bias anytime you swap tubes.
Absolutely, Rfogel. But that would be for power tubes only, unless I`m mistaken.
Yes, tube bias only controls the the output tubes. Before you insert the new output tubes, it is good practice to turn the bias pot on the way down before powering up the unit. This will insure that your new tubes are not over bias at start up before you have a chance to turn the pot down.
Thanks Brf.