Sleeper Vintage Tube Gear?

Hello All,

I'm pretty good with a soldering iron, used to be a tech, and have built a few guitar amps from scratch as well as repaired/modded others soooooo…….

Any recommendations of vintage sleeper tube amps or preamps (home audio) that I can look for to repair, upgrade, modify that would be relatively inexpensive, say $200 each ?

Maybe an Eico HF-81 integrated? They USED to be cheap but I think the word might be out. In any case if you can find one cheap enough it would definitely worth your efforts. There were many made so they're around.
Gee Tubegroover ...... the word is out now, thanks to you. :)
I think the OP's second posting is the one everyone should respond to,
no thanks to me for responding to you in this one.:)
Well Isochronism there are plenty of them still around but probably most breaking down in the soil and organic/chemical matter of our landfills. Unfortunate outcome for many of these vintage tube gems that became "obsolete" with the advent of the transistor. All I can say is THAT Eico is a fabulous example of vintage tube gear when properly restored and with good tubes. Missed the 2nd thread.
Tubegroover, I absolutely agree with you.
Gorquin, I hope you find and enjoy what you are looking for.
Thanks for the responses guys, I accidentally hit the posting twice because I had a glitch and it looked like nothing happened.
Enjoy your quest Gorquin. You are headed down a path that I am SURE will provide you much pleasure and enjoyment.
Time for a 3rd thread!!