sleeper tube integrateds suggestion wanted

I'm looking for the cats meow of tube integrateds.

I need real power, and can't go SET, because I don't have the speakers for that right now,as much as I would like check that out.

I would like something easy to bias and sweet and detailed, great depth,dynamics and low level detail is a big plus too.

Are the Primaluna's just the flavor of the day? OR a real treat for the price.

Right now,I have a ASL 1003DT, with el34 SED's and some bugle boy 12ua7's and it pretty dang good. But I'm new to tubes and know there is most likley better stuff.

It took me awhile to find Accuphase, for the solid state gear I own,which I feel is a step ahead of the other solid state I've heard,so, in away I'm looking for the Accuphase of tube gear.

Oh,lastly, my budget is about 2 grand used, MAX.

I do have a Minimax pre, so power amp suggestions are on the table too. (I do like integrated amps though)

I'm looking for the beguiling tube magic. The ASL spews it out now and then. I need a tube avatar to guide me! hehe

All comments appreciated.

Can highly recommend the PL2.It has replaced some pricey gear and have not felt the need/urge to look elsewhere.The "stock" tubes are a little SSish and have replaced all of them over the course of its' stay.Shuguang triple-mica 12ax7s,Mazda triple-mica 12au7/french military and NOS GEC/Genelex KT-88s.The Shuguang and Gold Lion KT-88s are also very good with the afore mentioned input/driver substitutions,without breaking the bank.
Cary SLI-80 fits your bill perfectly.
You started in a very good place with ASL. I'm a VTL guy. The Stingray is very good, I've owned the Tiny Triodes and they were magical for their power 45/25wpc triode. My wife just didn't want to deal with separates.

The larger VTLs are also quite good. The IT-85 is great. The entire VTL line delivers more than ASL. VTL delivers better control of the bass in both quickness and depth. Midrange is quite sweet and tube bloom kept to a minimum. You will pay a premium though.
I have not seen a used one on A'gon yet, but the Audio Space ref.3.1 with kt88's is a true sleeper. Check out the review on Affordable Audio. I rolled some reissue Gold Lions and NOS Sylvania 6SN7's and this integrated rocks!! Sorry I can't compare to other integrateds.
You may want to research Consonance.
You have some very good susgestions so far. Especially in the Cary and VTL. You may add the Rogue Integrated which I have heard. And a unit sold by Quest for Sound the SX 88. It is a 55 watt unit and can be had for far under your budget. It sings. Good hunting.
I have the Soundquest SQ 88 that Glenhifi refers to- it really is a sweet amp at a reasonable price - switched out the Chinese tubes, and using SED KT88s, & moderately priced Tungsol NOS 62sl7s and 6SN7s - plenty of power and good across the range
Have you listened and compared other amps that use 6550s kt88s etc? Typically they do things differently than the el34s you are used to. Of cousre the circut, transformers caps and input tubes have as much or more to do with the overall sound but all of my favorate amps are el-34 based, try to listen to differnet types and decide for yourself if possible.
Second the Audio Space Reference integrated. Really really good. Not likely to come up used since it's only just moved in. The Rogue Cronus integrated is nice but it won't give you much more than your present gear.