Sleeper older preamp with great phono.....

Looking for vintage preamp with very open, quiet phono stage...any sleepers around?
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My favorite in this category is the Nakamichi CA-5. The build and parts quality inside these units is far above the competition. You don't mention price but for the money used, the sonics are excellent. I have owned quite a few vintage preamps (two CA-5s) from different manufacturers. It's a habit of mine to remove the cover for a peak inside and the CA-5 is extremely impressive.
Designed and built back when Stan and Paul were together at PS Audio, their designs are noted for exceptional phono sections. This model has variable cartridge loading and gain so dialing in the settings for your MM or MC cartridge is easy. The variable gain feature allows you to set just enough gain for your needs and thus keeps the noise to a minimum. Also has straight-wire mode past the input selector to turn it into a line-level passive preamp. PS Audio pioneered the use of massive, oversized power supplies to provide unlimited current for excellent transients and tight base.
I always liked the Superphon Revelation Basic (the dual volume knob unit) - killer phono section.

The Audible Illusions Modulus (the 2 and 3 series in particular) is a great
performer for the $ but the the company has/had a service reputation that
may be the worst in the industry.

Good Luck,

B&K pro 10 sonata
Yamaha C-70 vintage
Find an old Theta pre-amp. There was one on here not long ago usually between 500-700. Can't be beat for the price. Good luck.
Get an AR 2c with tubed phono stage-it will crush most of the integrateds and receivers from that era.
DB 2b from DB systems.
Apt Holman preamp will give you two phono inputs and nice flexibility options.

Have Fun!
Tandberg 3002A. Very nice phono stage. MM and MC.
Dolan PM1 - Has a VERY flexible phono stage and allows for very low-output MC's. Good luck finding one!;)
Any MFA Magus will have a very good phono.
They can be found at a very affordable price.

The Forte 2 was/is one of those sleeper units.