Sleeper JBL models....80s-90s

Outside of the collector models that seem to fetch high prices...any "sleeper" jbl speakers from this era that really shine...<300
the tik series (danish), the 4400 series monitors(especially the bigger ones), the 4312 mk IV (available outside the u.s. only), the L series, century golds (limited editions), lots of others.

The L-110 10" 3-Way was a stupendouslyvgood speaker. It was the first JBL to use a computer designed Thiele-Small alignment, and it shows. Rock solid, fast bass, spot-on midrange, and JBL's first dome tweeter. None of the typical JBL boomy bass and shrieky mids, it was amazingly neutral. It had a little brother, the L40, a 10" 2-Way that showed what an Advent could have been with a few dollars more spent on the drivers and the cabinet. While the L110s might be above your budget, a clean pair of L40s might be - and worth it. In the 1980s JBL still only made high end products, each designed to be best in class. The L40s were the best 10" 2-ways you could get. Cast frame woofers, incredible cabinetry, every inch a true JBL,