Sleeper Debut Lps...70s classic rock

REO Speedwagon-Yes folks, there was an REO long before Kevin C. turned them into an arena, bubblegum hit machine...and this debut full of boogie rock goodness reflects that....if your vision of REO is corny power ballads...throw on "Sohpisticated Lady" and get down!

Black Oak Arkansas-Jim Dandy is an acquired taste...but on this release...his scratchy, hillbilly yelp is just right...greasy, naughty, and a bit weird in a Southern Bapist preacher way...this will clear a party...or start one....

Blue Oyster Cult...A long overlooked is Tyranny(2nd LP)...the tough, muscular, boogie machine of B.O.C. hits the head on this times almost psychedelic...most times just darn mean...
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REO "One" was the first ever "rock" record that I ever heard. My big brother turned me onto them.

I have a carved wooden sign above the door leading into my record room that says: 157 Riverside Avenue

Excellent debut album!!!

I'll also add to your list:



"Montrose" is one of my all time favorite albums. I believe Sammy Hagar was only about 17 years old when this album came out. Its one of the all time greats.
I remember listening to Sohpisticated Lady back in the day and I agree about BOC's first few efforts, I wore those records out! Blue Oyster Cult is one of the most underrated bands of all time, Buck Dharma plays some tasty licks.

off to listen to BOA.

thanks for the tip
Kiss, little feat,queen
Journey fits this category. Their 1st two albums were awesomely good latin-tinged progressive rock, like early Santana. The 3rd album was a bit weak. And then Steve Perry joined the band - yuck!

If you like early Journey, check out Abarxas Pool, virtually the same band and sound...

cheap trick's self-titled debut comes to mind--still among the greatest hard rock records ever.
Head East-Flat as a Pancake(1974)-Never Been Any Reason is reason enough.
Ted Nugent-Ted Nugent(1975)-Ted has made many lousy over the top recordings but this could be his best work.
Molly Hatchet-Molly Hatchet(1978)-Put aside the rebel flag imagery and enjoy the great guitar playing.
Dayglow..."Flat As A Pancake" is one of my favorite albums. Definitely on my top 10 list! I need to go put that on right now. Actually almost every song on that album is a keeper. Thanks for the reminder.
Billy Joel hit his stride in his second album "Streetlife Serenade" well before his popularity skyrocketed a few years and 3 albums later with "The Stranger"
JEthro Tull's first two albums were big time sleepers before many first discovered the group with "Aqualung".
Even The Beatles first real US album "Introducing the Beatles" was a big sleeper for a bit until "Meet The Beatles" came out soon after. Maybe the biggest in teh US of all time! Damn, I which I did not get rid of my original (bargain bin at the time) copy.
Even The Beatles first real US album "Introducing the Beatles" was a big sleeper for a bit until "Meet The Beatles" came out soon after. Maybe the biggest in teh US of all time! Damn, I which I did not get rid of my original (bargain bin at the time) copy. Might have been a counterfeit, but who cares.
I have two favorite sleeper debuts both from 1974. The Outlaws self titled first album with Green Grass & High Tides to me is the best southern rock album ever made. The second is Kansas' self titled debut. Most people have not heard this album and it is somewhat rare--but the intensity of the cuts and the vituoso playing is still great after 39 years.
Go Jim Dandy!!!!!!!!!!!
Try the first self-titled Little River Band LP (Harvest), as well as the first Garland Jeffreys LP (Atlantic).
Really enjoy Garland Jeffreys "Guts for Love".
Budgie-'Budgie' on a par with early Black Sabbath, and at times outdoes the Sabs. Soundgarden covered the track "Homicidal Suicidal.' An excellent debut recorded mostly live in the studio.
ZZ Top's First Album (that's the title), released Jan. 1971
Some good tracks here, including "Shaking Your Tree" and "Brown Sugar" (not the same song as the Stones' later release).
1970 Nick Drake Pink Moon. The reissue box set by Island/Universal is fantastic. Analog planet, Fremer did a review on it. Sound quality on that LP from analog tapes really hits benchmark quality.
Agree with captain Winters on Pink Moon. I have the LP that came out after the set. It really gets it right. Now for the nitpick- it's his third album. Still agree it should be mentioned here. He had so few records in his short. I think he passed away at 26, and not the cursed 27 like so many other great ones. Cheers -Don
big star....real vivid, clean production....great material to boot....Alex Chilton is god////
I've always been a fan a King Crimson. I do demos at RMAF and the like with the 2nd and 4th LPs in particular. Both are quite well recorded. I have original imports of both, but if you have an original American pressing they are quite good too!

After Pete Sinfield stopped offering 'visions' for the band, the sound changed rather dramatically. 'Lark's Tongues in Aspic' turned out to be an amazing album though.
Agree with you Phasecorrect regarding REO prior to their mainstream success. Both their first and 2nd albums are just great rock and roll in the best tradition of garage bands that really soared. Gary Richrath's raw guitar riffs is the REAL deal. Their recording of Chuck Berry's "Little Queenie" on the 2nd album is one of my favorite R&R cuts ever along with Zep's "Rock and Roll". Really great boogie piano featuring Neil Doughty with Boots Randolph doing a guest appearance on Alto Sax, and of course Richrath soaring on the final solo. Every other version I've heard of this classic is anemic compared to this one. It's amazing to me how this band's early works was off the radar as it is IMO their best. Check it out on YouTube.
I always liked Van Halen's first album. Not classic rock, but later in the 70s: REM, U2, Elvis Costello, B-52s. Seems like a lot of New Wave bands came out with good debut Lps around that time.