sla battery safe for car audio and t-amp?

Is it safe to wire up a sonic imact amp, or a car stereo to a 18Ah sla battery? i'm feeling a bit thick on this one. I recently bought a 18Ah sla battery to hear the sonic impact t-amp on it, and also the Alpine 7168 car head unit, Alpine amp, Alpine 5959 cd changer and Alpine 3900 DAC on it. I'm thinking of wiring them all up to the battery and playing them through some hi fi speakers to see what battery power sounds like with good car stuff and the t-amp. Are there any precautions with this. Thanks
I used to hook up a battery from my grandfathers trolling motor to a real good battery charger. It sounded great with my car audio system. But I got my butt wooped when grandma came home and found some of her china had fallen and broke.
The amperage rating of the battery shouldn't be a problem at all. I've run my t-amp off a motorcycle battery quite happily. I didn't hear any sonic improvement with the battery, however, over a good regulated 12v power supply and I didn't want to have to think about recharging.

I have a Pyramid 7Ah regulated power supply that actually puts out 13.8 volts but the t-amp seems to love it. You can pick up new power supplies a pretty good prices on ebay.