SL3 driven better w/ rogue or wolcott am

I'm currently trying to upgrade. I have a pair of ML SL3's they are great.I have in my possesion rogue audio m-120, also audio electronic supply SE-845 SET. The rogue is 120 watts ultra.& 90 watts triode.The SE-845 is brand new from the cary parts house and is my first encounter with set amps. The SET is 32 watts & will barely drive my SL3's so I got a tube AE-3 preamp from the cary boys to increase my gain. It works lovely but i'm at a loss for exactly what i want. The rogue has more power thus not needing the preamp but on the other hand the rogue doesn't have the smooth,liquid sound of the SET. Then I here of the wolcott which I here has all the goodies of SET plus the dynamics of ss or push pull tube amps.The SET from the cary boys seems to be just a litte on the warm side. If I could get some of the goods from what I like about the SET & the goods of the rogue push pull I think I might could be happy for a while ( is any audiophlie ever truly happy with system)Could someone whose been where i'm at now please shed a little insight concerning the three amps & there sound. I've even cosidered selling the SL3's to accomadate the SET amps & replacing with silverline speakers, because I think I do like the sound of the SET overall but need a little more dynamics if new speakers will help then that will sovle my problem.But so many philes swear don't sell the SL3's, You'll be sorry they say. Their suggestion is the wolcott with SL3's if this is some of you guys opions out there,please let me know where to get my hands on one of these miracle amps (the wolcott that is). Thanks
Tab, The SL3s are great speakers, but if you love the SET sound, you'll have to spend LOTS of bucks for hi-power SET amps or consider the pain of bi-amping with SET on top and hi-power amps on the bass. However, getting good matching can be a nightmare. Eventually, you'll probably have to go with a great Cary amp and a pair of super-efficient dynamic and/or horn speakers. The Silverlines are quite good, as are the Coincident speakers. However, the Cary 805s are still necessary most of the time with these efficient, hi-impedance speakers. Any less power will be frustrating if you like to push it occasionally. Goodluck.
Forget it! Martin Logans HATE tubes as much as Avalons hate solid state. I have tried ARC Classic 120, Classic 150, Assemblage 300B SET...and nothing comes close to a Mark Levinson 333. The only tube amps that sounded half-way decent on the SL3 was the SF Power 3's which heated up my room like a sauna.
The SET amps can deliver high current, even if they cannot deliver high watts. One speaker that depends on high current for sound pressure level is the Soundlab. Many reviewers listened to the Soundlab speakers at CES in Vegas in Jan, and had sufficient volume to pass judgement at 24 watts per channel! This formula will not work with the Martin Logan, but you could have a speaker (Soundlab) with a sound that is superior to Martin Logan, and still be able to use the SET you love. Not a bad choice to get what you want. By the way, I use the Soundlabs with a SET and am next in line for the current production Wolcott's. Imagine if the Wolcott will provide the sound of the SET and the drive of a push pull!
You really need a solid state.ML are not overly found of Tube amps.I have a friend who has taken a Antehm MCA 5 5 channel amp and bi-wired it with the logans.This works well.But if you love the tubes.Stick with the Rogue.I have the Model 88 and am getting the 120 shortly.If you have access th Coincident they are a match made in heaven.You can spend alot more and get much less.
Tmi2-How do you like your 88? I have the 99 preamp amd love it.