SL-1400KM2 geometry

I'm seeking recommendations for the best way to set the tonearm/cartridge alignment for a Technics SL-1400MK2. Does anyone have experience with this? Which protractor, etc?
Also seeking cartridge recommendations, MM preferred, $200 or so. Would like something with a little more bass vs a little less.
My system consists of an Anthem MCA-20, Rogue 66 Magnum and Vandy 2CE sigs.
Thanks in advance
If you do a search of the threads, you will find a majority of Technics users recommend the MintLP Best Tractor protractor. A MintLP Best Tractor can be custom made for the geometry of the SL-1400 MK II.

The MintLP was the best tweak (actually more significant than a "tweak") I ever used on my Technics table. The results after setting up the table with the MintLP were outstanding.
I just got done ordering one. I used a Mint with my VPI (I've had to downsize) and was very pleased with the results. I had read on some forums that Technics geometry had some quirks so I didn't know if the Mint was a good fit.
I believe you're going to really like it. Be certain you carefully read and follow the directions. The instructions are excellent, and worth 70% of the cost of the protractor, IMO.