Skywire 2020 Vs Supra Swords Vs AU24's

Hello. I am currently using a mix of Cardas GR interconnects and AU24 speaker cables with my system, (posted), as per one of the standard recommendations with Merlin speakers, (VSM MXe's). Anyway, I've had them for some time and was thinking about a bit of an upgrade. Kubala Sosna Emotions were recommended to me but Yikes! they're expensive.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any experience or thoughts about the Supra's or the Skywire relative to the AU24's. Warmer, colder, more detailed, less, etc...? Or should I just shut up and save for the Emotions, or is there something else you'd recommend? I'm looking for an noticeable upgrade and not just a lateral move.

I've done a fair bit of upgrading elsewhere in my system so I'm really just left with cables to muck around with.

As for the what am I after question, just more detail, musical flow, spaciousness, soundstage, etc... that's all :-) Basically more of what would make it a more live like experience.

Thanks for any help you could provide.
If you think that the K-S Emotions are too expensive, stay away from the Supra Swords!!! ;-)

Just kidding, in a way. Seriously, I bought the Supra Swords after seeing that HiFi+ gave them a Product of the Year award and then went back and read the review.

The Supra Sword is so fast, detailed and musical that I forgot that I was listening to CD's and thought I had my old LP's back.

I ended getting the upgrade fever to match the speed of the Supra Swords. I started with the interconnects, then the power cords, then the DAC, then the amp and finally I had my speakers modified.

I haven't heard the Skywire 2020's or the Audience AU24's, but I still have the Supra Swords $30k later.