Skylan Speaker Stands

I have been trying to find a good set of speaker stands for some time. I was a high end audio dealer back in the 70s. I was a dealer for Sound Anchor. I always thought they really looked cool but could never justify the cost even though I sold many pair.
Now that I'm retired and don't have the funds I once had, it was very painful spending $500 for a pair of stand from Noel at Skylan. I sold a lot of very expensive audio equipment in my day and I often wondered if the purchaser thought his purchase sounded great because of the money he spent or because it actually sounded good. I find myself in this same situation now. All I can say it it sure seems to me that my speaker have more detail and definition than they had before. Terry
HI! I think in some cases it will totally depend on the speaker being used...but yes, Skylans sound great, and you can do so much with them if you're wanting to experiment...differerent loading substances, etc....for the speakers I've compared them with I much prefer them over the Sound Anchors...
I have Skylan stands but I was never sure what to put between them and the speaker. There are these miniature things made of plastic in the corners, but not sure how much that insulate the speaker from the stand. I used the bluetac I think it's called, but it just got squashed in time under the weight of the speakers. I do know when I put when I put these sturdy metal/rubber pucks underneath the speakers, the sound cleaned up like with the use of a rack or a powercord, but they were not really made for that, so I took them away. Sorry for the rant.
Branislav. You can contact Noel and order some Q Bricks to put under your speakers. That will clear it up for you.