This is the second time I bought from them, the first one is Marigo apparition digital cable, last Wednesday I bought Red Rose r3 Speakers, it’s their summer sale, both went well, amazing  packaging , excellent communication,Good price, Fernando and Elliot White are class act , thank you. 


Please, I bought a very clean McCormack DNA 1 with a R1 upgrade for 900 bucks, rt here on Audiogon: their price for a dead stock one $2,000.  My, As New - Cal Audio Labs CD with remote $475 theirs $1,100.


The are SO INSANELY overpriced they should be committed.

For their comically over priced gear the LEAST they can do is pack it nicely.....


Hey lets buy a super clean Pioneer Elite rack system for $22,000!!


I guess if you have tons of green to burn and have no ability or patience to search  (or are a  dentist) then this is your place!!!

Lets by someones wife's used BMW too from them while we are at it.


As others have pointed out, their pricing is most off-putting. I have had dealings with The Music Room and only have good things to say about them. Their descriptions are far more detailed than SkyFi and include images of any blemish you are going to find. Their pricing is more sane too. Delivery is fast and their packing is superb. With all that being said, I have no doubt that SkyFi is an honest broker, and there are situations where I could see myself buying from them, but the pricing is a concern.

Look, SkyFi is a niche operation that caters to the carriage trade in one of the world's wealthiest, largest metro areas.  They may not be for everybody, or even 85% of us, but if they are honest about what they offer as apparently they are, then more power to them.



Precisely! Both SkyFi and TMR are indeed Audio Brokers, serving a certain Client.

Watching those videos on YouTube, does anyone know why Fernando wears those brace(s) on his hands?


Happy Listening!

“When purchasing from Skyfi, I’m confident that any issues have been sorted and addressed in manner consistent with the original design and intent.”

Now that’s a mouthful, given their operating model is no different than a pawn shop.

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