This is the second time I bought from them, the first one is Marigo apparition digital cable, last Wednesday I bought Red Rose r3 Speakers, it’s their summer sale, both went well, amazing  packaging , excellent communication,Good price, Fernando and Elliot White are class act , thank you. 


I figured someone had to be buying from them. I’m sure I’d appreciate their packaging and customer service too if I could get beyond their ridiculous pricing.

Anyway, glad you are happy.

Maybe they should be called Skyhi Audio. I always wondered about those speakers jactoy. What do you think of them so far?

I’m still banned from buying from them, 3 years later, lol. Their loss, certainly not mine. I wouldn’t buy a toothpick from that jerk owner. 

Summer sale .. I guess it means their prices are only 60% higher during this period than others. 

@arafiq kind of snarky and that is unusual for you. As I understand it they are exquisite when it comes to service and handling issues. 

Largely obsolete products at sky high prices.  Where's Dave and Troy when you need them, anyway 😝?

I’m sure they provide good service and packaging but I can’t get passed their over the top pricing. 

Davidten my friend I’ve been curious about this red rose r3 Speakers  for a long time, just to add for my monitors collections, it turn out they match my system, they are so musical for my taste.they disappear.

I did a deal with Fernando and toured the shop, I’m super satisfied. Very niche and they are exemplary at what they do. 

The items they sell are typically in excellent condition and either refurbished or checked out very well so that is what you are buying from them.  The old McIntosh and Marantz units look brand new.



bought a couple of times from them for about 8k in total. not happy experiences. no more purchases.

Stuff I want pops up there at times but it’s always listed at a crazy price and on their eBay account it says to not send offers. If there prices were at least just a tad closer to the regular I’d probably buy stuff. I don’t mind buying from a great seller at maybe 10% higher than others to get that assurance but the item is always way way higher than I caa as n ever wrap my head around even if they were to go above and beyond. At this moment they have s dac I want but it’s about 40% higher than any other time it’s actually sold. The sold listings being in the same condition as them. 

I’d always heard that their prices are outrageous, but I just ordered a pair of Thiel MCS1 from them, and the price, including shipping, was lower than several other pairs I’ve seen for sale in worse cosmetic shape, for sale by sellers who were unwilling to ship. Elliot gave me a call to touch base with me the morning after I placed the order, and he struck me as someone who has a real passion for hi-fi, and for whom customer service is rather important. 

Thus far I’ve been very pleased with the transaction, but I suppose the jury will remain out until I am in possession of the speakers.

In this hobby, it always cracks me up when folks bitch and moan about high prices. Definitely a first world problem.

Haven’t bought from them, but if they do a good job refurbishing and packaging , and if they are fair in their resolutions, then I support them.  I have bought enough vintage gear that was in crappy shape, either as a fault of the owner or the shipping company, to scare me off of used gear forever 

I’m glad your experience went well. As others have stated, their prices are beyond ridiculous. The music room has much more realistic pricing with great customer service. 

Based on the videos alone, it’s evident these guys provide a high level of service and truly are committed to their craft. If they charged less how could they afford to support their business?  It’s no different from manufacturers except that their expertise has to cover a wide range of disciplines to restore the products they work on. Bergen County NJ real estate isn’t cheap and they have to live. 

Weren't these guys the old Stereo Exchange in Manhattan? I think it was real estate costs (and emerging and burgeoning technologies) that had them leave New York (don't quote me on this).  I went to their opening in Glen Rock, NJ (as someone mentioned, not a cheap location real estate-wise either) and it was just great to be back in a store with all this wonderful equipment (that I can't afford...but that never stopped me from snooping around such establishments 😀 ).

I bought a few used pieces from the Manhattan store way back when (I remember a Counterpoint SA-100 and some other tube amp from Electrocompaniet)...but, alas, never anything new). I had my eye on a few things Sky-Fi has, but it'll be awhile before I can lay out some serious bread and not feel guilty about it.

Hoping (for their sake) that the business as it is, is sustainable and that they're around for a long time to come.

@cey, A few years back, they were selling a Technics SL1200 MKII and the ad stated it is the same turntable as the new SL1200G which I happen to own @4K. I sent a message stating it is not the same table as the new version has a much improved DD motor, better plinth and platter and a new magnesium tone arm with higher tolerance bearings. I also said by making that statement in the ad, it is false advertising and isn’t fair to their customers.

I received a reply saying that since I am such an “expert”, next time they will check with me before they post any Technics turntables in the future. They never did change their original ad and I had no more correspondence with them after that. A few weeks later, there was a McIntosh piece they had for sale I was interested in but when I went to put in an offer, I found they had blocked me from buying and corresponding from them. I am still blocked as of today. That is the entire story.

+1 @crustycoot 

Although they do have high prices I agree that the video was impressive and imparted a level of integrity verses buying off the streets, so to speak.



Very enlightening story. Based on what you said, I would never buy anything from them. Thank you.

Their advertised items always pique my interest but the outrageous pricing ends it. I was just on their site, only because the OP mentioned a sale, the prices I saw are closer to reality. If they had sale items more often, I wouldn't hesitate to contact them. 

Although, if they're so easily offended by potential customers' questions, it might result in me getting banned.


WOW! I could tell from their descriptions that they don’t properly do their homework, but THIS is just unacceptable. If I was my younger punk self I’d mail them a turd.

I’ve purchased five items from SkyFi Audio and I have been satisfied with each purchase. (1) my McIntosh C100 preamp for which I paid 150% of the original retail price —but— it cost me (slightly) less than the list price of the RP-9 tube preamp offered by the manufacturer of my Rogue 100 power amp and offered (many) more features. So, while I don’t count it a bargain, it offered ME value for money (plus it looks cool and has an two excellent phono inputs (MM and MC) which replaced my Schiit Freya+ and ELAC PP-2.

(2) A Proceed PDT-3 CD transport by Madrigal, i.e. ‘The Toaster’ for less than 1/2 of what a new CD transport or player would cost me, complete with AES/EBU interface which replaced my combo Phillips VCR/DVD.
(3) An upgraded Music Hall mmf-5.3 which shipped complete with a Sumiko cartridge they installed better than I ever could (see more below) which cost me about what I would have paid for the turntable alone and sorted all my turntable issues instantly.
(4) An original Auralic Aries ‘network bridge’ which furnishes a streaming feed into my Schiit Yggdrasil DAC.

(5) A lively little Velodyne subwoofer to boost the bottom end of my vintage Warfedale W70E speakers.

Their service has been prompt, the shipping secure (original boxes when available) and they they have responded to my customer service complaints in a prompt and professional manner.

When the Aries arrived with a 5 volt power supply for an input clearly labeled ‘16 Volt’ I snapped a shot, sent it to Elliott and while objecting that it had passed testing with the 5 volt supply, ponied up the cash (~$200.00) and sent me an original ‘Ultra-quiet linear power supply.’  So I have no complaints that amount to anything.

I’ve toured the shop in Glenrock and met Elliott and the their tech Ben whose job I  covet. I’ve checked out the gear that Fernando uses to calibrate his turntables, and it is impressive. He also works on automobiles in the shop; he is a mechanic and understands mechanisms as well as electronics; not all electronic technicians are so gifted. I would have confidence in any tape drive or turntable that passed his inspection.

So, while some comment that SkyFi Audio markets to those who don’t know what they’re doing (a comment from a previous post on this same topic), and which resembles me quite a bit, I have to say they are not a ‘dealer’ looking to support a long-time customer; their shop is not a showroom, nor do they offer demonstrations (except by appointment, I suppose), they do offer equipment for sale, you know their address, they stand behind their product (try that E-Bay and PayPal sellers). He does seem to price things according to the value he places on them, not necessarily ‘market value,’ so while you might get a fair price, you’re unlikely to get a ‘steal,’ in my opinion.

He is like a car dealer I know who preferred to sell used cars. He told me, “There’s no money selling new cars because the customer can always comparison shop across town or in the next county; when I put a relatively recent used car on my lot, I’ve got the only one.” I suspect that’s his game; and, of course to feed his family.
However, as is often posted on these pages, ‘Your Milage May Vary.’

And as some others sign off— Enjoy the Music! (for cryin’ out loud)

I purchased a mint Audio Research CD player a couple years ago which arrived exactly as advertised. It is still performing as they advertised. The packing and shipping was without a problem which I can not say about other experiences. The price was about average for the item I purchased. 

I would absolutely buy from them again based on the quality of their service and the honesty of their assessment of the unit.

There are a bunch of negative comments here which is no surprise for any internet based forum. Seems lately that people cannot turn on a computer without trashing some person, idea or business. It is the nature of the current state of peoples behavior which completely removes any credibility related to their negativity. 



I agree that their prices are outrageous and they seem to demonstrate little interest in working with a buyer to make a sale nor for even simple follow up. The weakening economy will adjust their price gouging downwards, just as its started to impact high end watch prices and used cars...

I’m a satisfied customer and have had nothing but excellent help and advice from both Fernando and Elliot. I’m willing to pay a bit more knowing that they are there to support me if an issue should occur and they rarely have. But when they have, Fernando has been able to walk me through and resolve it. I’ve an affinity for older Marantz tube gear and have purchased my 7, 8b, and 10b from them, as well as a model 19 and Thorens TD 125 mkII. When shopping these 50 year old pieces online, I can always find less expensive examples for sale, but I question the originality and condition. When purchasing from Skyfi, I’m confident that any issues have been sorted and addressed in manner consistent with the original design and intent. That peace of mind and support comes with a price I’ve no regrets paying.




Please, I bought a very clean McCormack DNA 1 with a R1 upgrade for 900 bucks, rt here on Audiogon: their price for a dead stock one $2,000.  My, As New - Cal Audio Labs CD with remote $475 theirs $1,100.


The are SO INSANELY overpriced they should be committed.

For their comically over priced gear the LEAST they can do is pack it nicely.....


Hey lets buy a super clean Pioneer Elite rack system for $22,000!!


I guess if you have tons of green to burn and have no ability or patience to search  (or are a  dentist) then this is your place!!!

Lets by someones wife's used BMW too from them while we are at it.


As others have pointed out, their pricing is most off-putting. I have had dealings with The Music Room and only have good things to say about them. Their descriptions are far more detailed than SkyFi and include images of any blemish you are going to find. Their pricing is more sane too. Delivery is fast and their packing is superb. With all that being said, I have no doubt that SkyFi is an honest broker, and there are situations where I could see myself buying from them, but the pricing is a concern.

Look, SkyFi is a niche operation that caters to the carriage trade in one of the world's wealthiest, largest metro areas.  They may not be for everybody, or even 85% of us, but if they are honest about what they offer as apparently they are, then more power to them.



Precisely! Both SkyFi and TMR are indeed Audio Brokers, serving a certain Client.

Watching those videos on YouTube, does anyone know why Fernando wears those brace(s) on his hands?


Happy Listening!

“When purchasing from Skyfi, I’m confident that any issues have been sorted and addressed in manner consistent with the original design and intent.”

Now that’s a mouthful, given their operating model is no different than a pawn shop.