Skye Edwards, ever hear her beautiful voice?

I see many threads about female vocalists here on audiogon
but have never seen one about who I consider among the very best, Skye Edwards.

Her voice is liquid smoothness, very natural, soulful and very British.

The genre she performs in is called "Trip Hop", which has only been mentioned here briefly. I find much of this genre to be hypnotic, rythmic and very soothing, just the thing to wind down with at the end of a long day.

A good place to start experincing Skye is her website, but I believe her best work was done with a band called Morcheeba. Unfortunately she is no longer with them so there is no chance to see the combo live.

Hope you enjoy Skye as much as I do,


Looked her up, surprised to see she was part of the group Gorillaz that my son was so fond of. Skye is also involved in a lot of movie sound tracks and lead for the group Morcheeba which I found good data on, thank you!

Also searching world wide I don't see any her new music on LP, but "Big Calm" Morcheeba is still available, so I'm ordering it. I agree with you, what I heard at her website was intriguing, a beautiful voice.

Also good news, by visiting British web sites looking for Skye, I see Goldfrapp is releasing her new LP this month, so I'm absolutely ordering that. You might listen to Allison Goldfrapp if you don't already have her music and see if her voice does anything for you.
I had not heard of Allison. I will definitely look her up. If she is in Skye's league she deserves it.

Big Calm is great by the way and one of my favorites. Two others are Who Can You Trust (an absolute classic IMO) and Charango, all featuring Skye. They are available on Amazon.

I discovered Morcheeba while listening to WCBR, The Bear. The song was Trigger Hippie, which is also a favorite.

Thank you,

Thank you,
I just ordered a few of your recommendations. As usual, the music related threads are most useful. Listening to Devandra Banhart - "Cripple Crow." Next up is Sufjan Stevens.
Love Skye's voice, 'Fragments of Freedom' by Morcheeba Is a great album.

Can't wait for the new Goldfrapp cd (seventh tree)to listen

Devendra Is a class act.

'Dare' by Gorillaz Is worthy of a purchase.
Nice to see music being discussed out of the norm for Audiogon.
Its been 9 years since I made this post, and I am still amazed by Skye's singing. I really love this tune, hope you enjoy it:
Just saw this post.

Love her voice, sadly no vinyl..