Sky or Siltech classic SQ110 MK2

I'm all set between Pre and Poweramp, but has anyone compared the AQ Sky and Siltech Classic SQ110 MK2 side by side? would love to hear it from you. As far as prices concerned, they're both in the same range.
Hi there,

I used an older Siltech gold/silver I/C for several years before replacing it with the Sky, but I'm sorry I can't recall the exact model number. What I can tell you, if it helps, is that the Sky was quieter and less 'hashy', yet still retained the excellent high frequency definition of the Siltech. The Siltech was a little etched, and less natural sounding on vocals.

I sold the Sky to a guy who had a Gryphon/MBL system, which had a spotlit and somewhat hot treble that he was trying to tame. The Sky did the job nicely without compromising the incredible resolution and dynamics of that system.

As I said, my Siltech was an older model than the one you mentioned, so this comparison may not be a fair one.

FYI Sky was replaced in my system by the Gabriel Gold Revelation.

thanks for the respond Mick, I guess the only way to find out is to purchase both cables and compare them yourself. Who said exploring your hobby was inexpensive and easy right?