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I pride myself in knowing which classified ads belong to skyfi. I'm usually right 90% of time before I click on the ad. Wow, who are the marks, er I mean customers, who are buying from these guys? They have excellent feedback and a lot of it. Hard to believe the seasoned audio gurus in these forums are falling over themselves to overpay.

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Yea, I have taken note of a few pieces for sale by them that I had to take a double take myself. Enjoy the music
" Hard to believe the seasoned audio gurus in these forums are falling over themselves to overpay."

I doubt if this is their customer base.
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Ive wondered the same thing.  I notice they just keep relisting stuff, and the price never changes. 
I am proudly banned from purchasing from them after I corrected the owner on a classified ad they posted on Audiogon.  They were selling one of the older variations of the Technics SL1200, it may have been a Mark 5 or 6.   He stated it is the same turntable as the  new SL1200G which goes for 4 grand.  When I told The owner he was wrong and why, he gave me a smug remark, something to the effect that “I guess I should have consulted you first before posting.  I guess I don’t know as much as you”. This may not be the exact wording, but you get the gist of it.  He also banned me at that time.  

I have found their prices are very much higher than normal for McIntosh gear.  I compared prices between them and Audio Classics on the same exact gear and in every case, AC was less money. 
Would not buy a thing from those conmen.
i don’t think folks who frequent this board and have been messing with hi end hifi for 20-30-40 years are their target market

from how they present themselves they are after relative newbies who are just getting into and understanding older hifi, and want some assurance of qc when buying used/’classic’ gear... same younger gen high earner folks who get into air cooled porsches and pay top dollar for cars and service due to lack of experience -- but have a great deal of ’want’ for the older cool stuff

That makes sense to me.
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I have been wondering the same thing, seems to be a lot of sellers just like them also. A cracked pair of sopras have been listed for over a year. I finally saved for speakers new or used. nothing to buy going to keep what i have.
I do the same ozzy62, it's I guess they do contribute some entertainment here...
Old and overpriced audio gear that is ancient history.
I've noticed the same thing, and agree their ads are generally easy to spot.  

A Turkey for sure.
If the owner (jerk) hadn’t banned me, there were 3 items I probably would have bought.   I’m glad I didn’t now.