Skogrand Cables?

I was very impressed with the sound of the Skogrand Cables room at AXPONA this year. These are not inexpensive cables -- does anyone have any experience with their products?
No experience, but I agree, they look and sound very good from my demo at Axpona last week! Eager to see what others have to say who have used them for some time.
Where can I listen in the U.S.A.?
Thank you for your feedback - it was great fun exhibiting at AXPONA!
The system was connected with our SC Vivaldi speaker cables and SCI Vivaldi interconnects. The Vivaldi is our new high value cable line that we introduced at this show. The Vivaldi cable line is direct sales only.

SC Vivaldi and SCI Vivaldi:

1m:   650 USD
1,5m:   700 USD
2m:   750 USD
2,5m:   800 USD
3m:   850 USD
3,5m:   900 USD

(NB: Vivaldi model interconnects have both cable runs in one cable with split ends. Our other interconnect models are pairs of single ICs.)
What's your turnaround time on responding to emails sent to 
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Also, is Kipins- Studios still your US retailer? There contact info keeps getting rejected in email?