skipping problem - Marantz TT-15S1

I just got my new Marantz hooked up. It's sounds amazing, but it skips when it nears the middle of every record. I have tried playing with the counterbalance on the tonearm, but it's had no effect on the problem. Would adjusting the tonearm height help?

Any other suggestions?

Thanks, in advance, for the help.
sounds like a cartridge alignment issue, but try raising
I adjusted the anti-skate and it got much better. It now only only skips (sticks, actually) for about the last minute of each side. I've adjusted as far as it will go, though.

I'll try raising the tonearm.
Are you sure you set up the TT properly?
Correct tracking force?

Make sure the arm lift is set properly and clear of the arm in the down position.
Still haven't solved this issue. I have adjusted everything 100 times in different combinations, but it still sticks near the end of each side. The arm just seems to lose pull as it gets towards the spindle. Any other thoughts?
The arm just seems to lose pull as it gets towards the spindle. Any other thoughts?

Do you mean the arm want to move outward, toward the start of the LP? If this is the case decrease the anti skate. In fact for starters do not apply any anti skate.
[url=]setting stylus force and anti skate[/url]
Trust me, i have adjusted the anti-skate as far as it will go. It helped, but didn't solve the problem.
Is the tonearm contacting another object at the end of the record? I know, it sounds like a dumb question, but I've made all the dumb mistakes one can make (I think), and that was one of them. The back of the tonearm was contacting the wall of the shelf at the very end of the record!
I also had a problem where the cueing mechanism wasn't level, and contacted the tonearm at the end of a record. That caused skipping.
If it's none of those, then it sounds like you have way too much anti-skate, and the arm is being pulled back to toward the arm-rest.
Does the Marantz have an azimuth adjustment?
Is the table itself level?

Hope this helps.
I had the same table you have, the TT-15S1 and it did the same thing. I checked and rechecked till I had enough. I couldn't figure it out. So I returned it to the dealer I bought it from and got the Rega P5 and now I'm very satisfied. I never cared to find out any thing more about the Marantz. It sounds like you have my table.
That is actually good to hear. Makes me think it isn't just me. I really love the sound of this table and would like to get it to work. I'm going to give Marantz a call.

No, there is nothing that it actually contacting the arm, and i used one of those laser-level things to make sure it is level. It does seem like the arm is being pulled back to the rest position, though.
You are correct the Marantz sound good when it's right.
My problems started after just 10hrs of playing. On top of that Music Direct set it up for me and they are very very good at setting up tables. I fiddle w/ it for hours and gave up. Good luck.
03-01-07: Storguso
Trust me, i have adjusted the anti-skate as far as it will go. It helped, but didn't solve the problem.
If you are positive the arm lift is free of the arm in the down position, and the arm moves freely on the arm pivot then it sure sounds like the problem is too much anti skate applied.
Read this review article on the TT.
Here is a paragraph from the article about the anti-skate mechanism.

"The anti skate is done by a magnet system which in my first sample was installed backwards, reversing the direction of the anti skate torque. The screw-in stationary magnet should attract the front magnet on the arm and repel the back one. Try this with the stationary magnet not yet installed to be sure things are right."
Yeah, i tried it with the screw completely out, and it didn't solve the problem.

I talked to Marantz today (after being on hold for over an hour) and the dude on the phone said it was most likely a defective cartridge or tonearm, but they couldn't deal with me directly. I need to call the dealer and switch them out.
sounds like the bearing has a burr on it and is sticking.
Can you explain that further?
sure. If the cartridge was mounted and torque put on the arm bearing they usually catch a flat spot (this is why linn suggests mounting cartriges with the arm removed from the table) once there is a flat spot the bearing "sticks at the flat spot
Well, i mounted the cartridge before attaching the arm to the table. Do you think this could still be the problem. If so, how would i fix it?

It looks like i am getting shipped a replacement arm and cartridge and i can mix and match and hopefully something will work.
Maybe the bearing is just defective. sounds like you did everything right. just make sure the arm if off the table when you tighten the cart.
Same problem but I was told it was a defective tonearm. Still having issues.