Skipping on last track consistently

I noticed that every LP I play skips (or has problems tracking) on the last track. This is a new problem and I haven't made any adjustments in about a year.

I have a Tri-planar arm and a Dynavector XV1-s cartridge. I checked the tracking force and it's 2.4 (higher than the recommended 1.8 to 2.2 range but I may have set it that way). In any case, if I understand correctly, mistracking typically occurs with a tracking force that is too low.

Any ideas?
Check to make sure that there is no issue w tone arm wiring, cueing, and/or damping mechanisms interfering w free movement of the arm at the end of its horizontal travel.
Dear Madfloyd: Could be that that 2.4grs. out of manufacturer VTF range is now: " collecting invoice ". Inner grooves puts higher demand on the cartridge suspension. The VTF manufacturer range it is not choosed at random but for very precise targets.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Maybe watch the AS mechanism as the arm tracks and see if there is any catch, or binding? Matter of fact, disabling AS altogether while you troubleshoot might help eliminate one variable.
Your Dyna is tracking much too high....choose a tracking force within its design range. Careful scrutiny will discover that your arm is bumping into something.
Thanks for the help, all.