Skinny speakers and wretched excess

I'm upgrading my HT setup by adding a plasma screen. Needless to say, my center channel speaker can no longer sit on top of the tele. I was thinking of buying a pair of speakers to flank the TV and provide center channel sound. I have watts to burn so I thought I would wire them in parallel. The question?: My shelf is 52 inches wide and the TV is 38 inches wide. That leaves me 14 inches for a pair of speakers. Can anyone give me recommendations on speakers that are 7 inches wide? Weird audiophile question, but ergonometrics are key here. My basic system:
Krell KAV1500 (surround)
Krell FPB 600 (mains)
Nova Audio Rendition (front speakers)
Bag End Infrasub-18
Pioneer Elite DV37 (source)

I'd like to spend in the 1500-2000 range used. I don't need much bass but it's got to support a lot of volume and have great accuracy in the vocal range - natch for a center channel. Thanks.
System Audio makes some beautiful speakers, that are said to be very good for HT. They specialize in "skinny". I have heard them here in Norway, and the sound very nice, and are as thin as anything I have ever seen.
Couldn't you buy a dedicated well-designed center channel and place it either on a shelf in the stand, right below your screen, or on its own stand below the screen, if your screen is on the wall and not on a rack? That seems to me to be the better way to go for center sound.
The NHT 2.5i or the 2.9 are 7 inches wide and look really nice - good sound too. The NHT VT1A is 6 inches w by 40 inches high and 6 inches deep - more of a center channel speaker than the full range 2.5i - 38 by 7 by 16 . The 2.9 is 39 by 7 by 20 deep.
Avalon Acoustic Symbols, would be perfect for what your looking to do, finding them used may be a problem though, I have only seen 2 sets for sale used(in your price range at least). Cheers!
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