Skin Orgasms caused by music .

Who else has had this very interesting phenom ?

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RG in Audiophile Hell !
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Duh. That's why we do it!

skin orgasm. I feel dirty after  seeing  those two words put together.
Im taking a shower.

If this was not a regular occurrence, then why bother with music?

Oka gets ya high!

("Now listen and get high")

If this does not happen to you, then you’re doing it wrong. Wrong equipment, wrong direction, wrong mental emphasis, wrong understanding of what is going on and why it is done.. No fun = why bother. There would be no point. :)

Recent works show that music goes through the same part of the lizard brain as sex.

digital and class d artifacts prevent this from happening, for the most part. It causes a cerebral emphasis, which for music, is just plain wrong. Fixing these artifacts at the 0.0xx% level of distortion that they occur at, is everything. The whole freaking enchilada. Same for materials induced distortions.

This is tied to how the ear works ------ and has ~zero~ to do with accepted and normed methods of electrical/audio engineering distortion weighting and analysis. The ear does not use engineering methods of weighting in distortion analysis. That counter argument shows a lack of understanding of what the ear does with signal.

If the particular combination of audio devices is not causing your toes to curl, then GET RID OF IT.
The physical aspect in live music is almost always missing in reproduced, imo, no matter the cost of the system. Part of that is the spl at live shows featuring sound reinforcement, part is how much mid-bass is created by the venue itself.
Part of it is uncompressed and uncompromised dynamics and complex micro-shading, which operate as a set piece, with live instruments, and possibly with well done PA and acoustics.

This is what the ear desires to hear and can work with. The compression and loudness wars sucked the very soul out of music.

Ie, the music business simultaneously shot the goose and the messenger when they went into the loudness wars.

Part of the backlash of that, is the reintroduction of analog via LP.
I don’t imagine you can can recreate a rock concert at home , but then I’ve never been to one .
I have been to several thousand classical concerts and with the best CD’s,
from firms like BIS and harmonia mundi(france) , you can come damn close .
Fact, a large amount of what you "hear" is memories of what you have heard live thrown by brain into mix .

That’s why a 90 yr conductor who can’t hear 4K on a hearing test can correct a Musician playing a boo-boo at 10K .

Extreme Compression was/ is? an effort to make sure the radio dial went no further when air-time was the main thing
that sold rock/pop recordings .

Schubert, substantially correct...  I can get a 'near field' spl level going, but duplicating a live venue's 'feel', what with the amounts of amperage + the quantity of drivers + 'stage magic' (compression/expansion, eq tricks, alpha exciters, and all...), with the computers 'running the show' literally....  It only works if the music is 'simplistic', say, acoustic and voice home.

No wonder some of us respond with a 'Huh?' when spoken to...;)  I have no problem at live shows with the spl of the music.  But the 'white noise' of the crowd cheering after a selection or set really gets a negative reaction by my ears.  I've taken to carrying ear plugs of some type to combat that...

The 'feel' of the pressure waves at the live show could be duplicated, but you're running some 'heavy artillery' to do so.  And dialing it into the space you've got as well....and ignoring the neighbors, banging on the door...*L* usual...;)
Works fine to get a mid-hall seat sound of a symphony orchestra which is the most complicated thing in all of music .
" Works fine to get a mid-hall seat sound of a symphony orchestra which is the most complicated thing in all of music ."

Of course it will be readily apparent to most contributors to this esteemed forum that this claim is not supported by reason, fact, or logic because a Music Reproduction System has know way of knowing the acoustic of the space it is tasked with reproducing it only sees a waveform that it then replicates with depending on the specific Music Reproduction System in use some varying degree of accuracy. The claim as stated here is as faulty as specifying a component as being especially suited to any one style of music when of course the components that comprise a Music Reproduction System either collectively or individually have know way of knowing what style of music it is tasked with reproducing.
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Nonsense .
This piece should Grab you every time.

Specially when a certain part just hits you.

Unfortunately for the singers at that moment in time they got the raw end of the deal.

"Hey son , I just got you a new job but.....!"

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IMO I think that maybe a proper Headphone rig might help a little bit.

Any thoughts?

Thank You Kindly.
" (Along similar lines, when pharmacologist Avram Goldstein at Stanford University blocked the brain’s opiate signalling - a system that controls reward and addiction - he found that it significantly reduced volunteers' ability to feel skin orgasms.)"

That explains why I haven't had one since Sophomore year at college. 
I believe the term is "Eargasm"