Sjofn The Clue vs Rega RS1?

Looking for small monitors to place against wall in the $1000-$2000 price range and both these speakers sound attractive. Any comments/personal experience - possibly heard both? Thanks!
Haven't heard the Regas but I heard a stacked pair of the sjofn Clues @ THE Show in NYC this spring. I was very impressed w rock and uptempo bluegrass; Did not hear any other genre but I thought that they were a bargain and worked very well up against the long wall of a narrow hotel room.
Thanks, Mike.
Have not heard the Regas either, but I also heard the Sjofn speakers at the NYC show and was extremely impressed. Possibly my biggest surprise of the show. Heard them playing dynamic music and coulda swore I was listening to big 3-way floorstanders. I actually asked if there were subs hiding somewhere in the room. And they were stacked and positioned right up against the long wall but still displayed impressive imaging and soundstaging along with their outstanding dynamics. Hope this helps and best of luck.
YW, Denis. My impression was exactly the same as Soix. The dealer who was showing the clues has developed a stacking stand with the upper speaker turned on its head. This essentially turns them into a D'Appolitto type array with a Mid/woofer-tweet-tweet-Mid/woofer configuration. IIRC, the 2 pairs plus the stand puts them right about at your upper price point, Denis.