Size matters- recommend small system or component

Looking for advice on a small system or components. Maybe the speakers will stay 'large' or sats w/sub, but looking for either small-sized components or quality mini-systems, without giving up too much. Recommendation on a small integrated amp, receiver, tuner or cd player. Trying to limit the number and size of boxes. Tried a Denon minisystem - not bad. Had that early 90's Proton all-in -one unit. Good for the era. Any success stories?? Many of us have offices, WAF's, or in my case, downsizing issues.Will look new and used, so wide price range, say $500- $2k. THANKS
Arcam solo. Nice piece.

*dealer disclaimer*
How about the new NAD D3020 ($500 list), and some Paradigm MilleniaOnes or Gallo speakers, with or without a sub? Since the NAD has a D/A, your can use your laptop to play, or buy a good inexpensive CD player.
NAD D3020 looks interesting and Stereophile loved it

teeny tiny as well
Wyred for Sound makes some mini components in your price range.
thnx all for recommendations. I will look into them.
Had a Denon DM10 minisystem, Pretty good. Want better. My goal is to find compliment for my fairly big floor-standing speakers- they are fairly efficient- without taking up much room on the shelf in my condo.
and BTW, I dont mind 'used' at all.
I believe in the NAD D3020 recommendation. A friend of mine ordered one and I will get a chance to hear it. Reviews are positive, for what that is worth. A small footprint all in one box (DAC and integrated amp). A disk player or server would be required.
What would I do for a Small System for a Small Space??

Definitely...... Large Components and Large Speakers are OUT..... FOR SURE!!!!!

With up to $2K to play with, I would do:

Speaker System: Dynaudio DM 2/7 -- $1,000.00 (New)

Integrated Amplifier: NAD D3020 (DAC is Built-In and supports up to 24/192, 30 Watts Per Channel) -- $500.00 (New)

Front-End: Apple iPad Air (First Generation -- 64GB with Wi-Fi -- I would shop for a model that's about two years old) -- $300.00 - $400.00 (Used)


Use Your Existing PC/Laptop Computer -- Free

Dock: (For Apple iPad Air): iHome -- $100.00 (New)


I/C + "Y" Jack (For PC/Laptop Computer): Audioquest or Kimber Kable -- $100.00 (New)

S/C: Audioquest or Kimber Kable -- $100.00 (New)

System Total: $2,000.00.

Suggested Upgrades (when finances allow) would be:

(01). Subwoofer For Dynaudio DM 2/7: Dynaudio Sub 250 II -- $1,000.00

(02). External NAS Hard Drive: G-Technology G-Drive (3TB) -- $250.00

Good Luck and Happy Listening.....

Bel canto top notch products in a small package. WYred is nice too. Or how about peach tree or benchmark with active speakers. Or dynaudio xeo where you essentially just need a source. Or bang and Olafson has made some slick stuff over the years.
+1 on the ARCAM Solo Neo unibox .... Has streaming function also

Alternates: NAIM Uniti, Unitiqute uniboxes

I have the ARCAM as my "B" system that replaced the tuner/ integrated / cdp separates with no loss of performance
dynaudio xeo's are a good choice, along with the mentioned nad 3020, or perhaps a wyred for sound mint? Wadia 170 and 150...

wired 4 sound mint is tops in my opinion though
Try a FleaWatt:

simply sublime and utterly amazing for the money :)
I'm using an HRT II+ dac, NHT passive, and NHT M00 active speakers. Source is my music vault server. For better SQ and a bit smaller size, how about a Logitech Touch source to a Micromega DAC to a Lightspeed passive to the NHT or maybe quad powered speakers. Or a mac-Minin server to a Dragonquest dac to the Lightspeed and then your choice of powered monitors.
I use a Cabridge Audio receiver and Focal Dome speakers to create shockingly good music.