size and brand subs?

My listening room is 14w by 16L by 7h but late this summer or next year its growing from 16 to 36.Plus its triangular shaped.I am 90% music 10% movies.I like the big subs.Don't care if they're new or used.What should I get that I can match another 1 2 later?Looking to keep it under $1000 a piece.Has any1 heard the VELODYNE DLS-5000R?How's it keep up with music.
Velodyne specializes in manufacturing powered sub-woofers. Excellent name in the business. However my hi-fi specialty store has been having some bad luck with a few of their models. They like the B&W line of powered subs. For that size room, you may want to consider the ASW650 or ASW675. The ASW675 offers 500 watts of power in a paper/kevlar/aluminum cone. The ASW 650 uses mostly a paper cone. I have the ASW600 at 150 watts which is plenty powerful for me in a room 13' x 23' x 8' high with two openings out to the rest of the house. Not sure about their list prices but I believe the 650 is at or just under $1K. There are many brands of subs on the market. Just giving you my experience.
I bought a used ASW CDM a while back and it is way too powerful for my current needs. So I dial it at about a quarter of a turn. Even then, it can sometimes be overwhelming. Maybe I'll get to move into a bigger house and really get to use it to its potential. I just couldn't pass up the deal. I think it listed at about $1600 and I got it at half price slightly used. The walls literally shook and pulsed at half-way up. The wife was not too amused. Its pretty good at music too. I turn it down a little for music.