Sixto Dias Rodriguez

I just saw this guy on 60 Minutes. From Detroit but a superstar in South Africa. He's 70 and just now becoming recognized in America. He's done maybe 5 or 6 albums. Seems like a really great guy. Question is, is he worthwhile listening to? Anybody have a take on him?
I have one disc, sure is great. Was such a pleasant surprise to play it and find it so enjoyable, a rarity these days for me.
The reviews on Amazon are off the charts. And there are a lot of them. I think I will have to get one. The snippets sound good.
It's off to the record store. Thanks guys. Apparently he made no money way back when. Hope it's not the case now.
That was a repeat on 60 Minutes which is great for people that missed it. Watch the movie called Searching for Sugarman. It's a documentary about him.
Can I get it in DVD?
Here's a link.
Great. Thanks
The DVD is on Amazon and I noticed you can get it in bluray. Not sure why you would but I found that interesting.
Why not? I don't take advantage of my system's capabilities in that regard so I'm curious. I mean I don't care about watching DVDs. I just watch TV.
Why not blu-ray? It's probably just me and I don't own one. I watch mostly dramas and documentaries and the only thing connected to my tv is a DVD player and an Apple TV. I don't even have cable. I spend my money on music. Hollywood has enough money without the help of me.
My goodness. All I wanted to respond was: Oh; but it wouldn't let me; weird:)