Six Finger Satellite/Pete Phillips

Matthew Sweet always loads his bands with amazing lead guitar players. I was listening to "Beware My Love" from "In Reverse" and was really knocked out by the solo. I tracked down the lead guitarist, who turned out to be Pete Phillips from a band called Six Finger Satellite. I'll work thru their stuff on Beats Music, but was wondering if anyone here knows the band/player and could provide a little guidance.

marty--you're dead-on about ms's guitar players--he's had richard lloyd (my fave), robert quine (a great fluid player whose style is the polar opposite of lloyd's). ms is actually a very good guitarist as well. i'm a lttle familiar with this six finger satellite--they sound nothing like matthew sweet or power pop, but are sorta new wavy angular punk, not too far removed from later gang of four or wire. i don't recall them being esp. memorable, but i'll give 'em another listen.
You can usually find a lot of good info on Wikipedia for bands and musicians.
LJ and ZD,

Thanks for the feedback.

ZD I found that Pete Phillips played that lead part by following some links on Matthew Sweet's Wikipedia page - so that was my first stop.

Turns out that....So far, the Six Finger material I've found isn't really my cup of tea, but I'll continue to wade thru it.

LJ. One more name for the list of great MS lead players is Ivan Julian. He's mainly a NYC session guy or local gig stand-in for hire, so there isn't a ton of his work on record. However, I've seen him live on a number of occasions and he has always delivered the goods.
Went to college with Pete and much of Six Finger Satellite. Pete is a great guitarist. A LA session guy nowadays.