I am browsing AG and when select an ad to review it then shows I am logged on as another user? I logged of and back on and was ok for a bit. Then it happened again. I reported to AG. I am JBMAC75 not THEROBERT.
That is messed up!  Now I’m paranoid. I keep checking to make sure I am who I’m supposed to be. 
I actually wish I knew who I was supposed to be.....
Maybe Audiogon will give me a better identity!

The site is fine. No worries. Problem has been fixed. Your personal  details were never in jeopardy. 
4-5 days, AG has been logging me off, or NOT know who I was, when I looked at the classified, and came back, to the forums.

Then said I was logged on and I wasn’t. Yup someone got a little worm causing problems, here. I’d say it was something other than, someone flipping the wrong switch.. The system is failing UNSAFE, very rare for network software. Sounds malicious in nature to me... Why would Netware, give someone else, your ID.. It wouldn’t EVER...
Just saying, It should let admin, work on it, if it failed, SAFE...

Not, "here is the launch codes, have a good time", so to speak...

I love it, they log on just ahead of me... Everything is fine.. Gotta love it..


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